Protest against on SOPA and PIPA are on extreme today. Major sites like Google, Wikipedia, Reddit, Boing Boing are blackout for a day against the SOPA and PIPA bill. And if you want to do the same to protest against SOPA then, there is a way for you to support the cause. There are lots of plugin available for the Wordpress blogs to blackout their website. But with the help of a JavaScript, Blogspot/Blogger blogs can also do the same.

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HOW TO : Blackout Blogger/Blogspot Blog Against SOPA

Just follow the steps given below to blackout your Blogger blog against SOPA.

HOW TO : Blackout Blogger/Blogspot Blog Against SOPA

1. Go to the Dashboard --> Design --> Add a Gadget --> HTML/JavaScript

2. Now copy and paste the code given below in the text box.

<script type="text/javascript">var a=new Date,b=a.getUTCHours();if(0==a.getUTCMonth()&&2012==a.getUTCFullYear()&&((18==a.getUTCDate()&&13<=b)||(19==a.getUTCDate()&&0>=b)))window.location="";</script>

3. The above code will redirect to a dedicated page of the . You can also redirect it to any other protesting site like Wikipedia, Google. The best thing is to create a dedicated page about SOPA protest and redirect this code to your personal SOPA protesting page.

4. Save the gadget.

5. Save full template.

6. Done

Raise your voice against SOPA

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