SOPA(Stop Online Piracy Act) is in news since last few weeks and it is all because of bad reasons. Nearly everybody is opposing the bill as it will just ruin the Internet and they way common people use the Internet.

People are opposing SOPA in various way. For example, HostGator is offering 50% discount on any hosting for unlimited time. And now, a Firefox add-on is available to bypass the SOPA on your computer.

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HOW TO : Bypass SOPA Restriction Using DeSopa Firefox Add-On

DeSopa is a Firefox add-on which let you bypass the SOPA. It means that you can access any blocked pirated content and websites blocked by your local ISP. All you have to do is to activate the DeSopa by clicking on the DeSopa button and Firefox browser will start sending the client request to DNS servers located outside the US.

At first usage, DeSopa can be slow in performance but DeSopa caches the IP response of valid servers for the faster performance next time. Another issue is that, DeSopa will have the trouble in accessing the site hosted on the same IP addresses.

While using the DeSopa Firefox extension, your browser will show the IP address of the website being visited instead of the URL. Still, it is worth of try. You can install the DeSopa Firefox add-on by visiting the link given below.

Click Here To Install DeSopa Firefox Add-On