Usually bloggers who are new to the world of blogging find it very difficult to write blogs daily on consistent basis. According to me prime reason is that they run out of ideas and especially if you are writing more than 2 blog posts daily. So from where does a blogger get ideas that keep him going continuously for days. Well! There are few sources that I know from where you can get inspiration and write blogs consistently.

5 Quick Ways To Get Blogging Ideas Daily

5 Quick Ways To Get Blogging Ideas Daily

“What You Do”

The first source for an idea for blogging would be “What You Do”. This could mean right now what you are doing or what you did in the past. Let me explain this a bit. If you are an accountant then your inspiration could come from your job, if you were an engineer then get inspired by the time you spend being an engineer or if you are a student then get inspirations from your college or school life. This is very basic and I simply mean to say what you are good at.

Social Media

Second source could be going and spending some time on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube etc. You can get a lot of blogging ideas while reading profiles of your friends. Similarly Twitter can really inspire if you follow certain people regularly. YouTube videos are also really fresh and are great source for writing new blogs. On social media you get to meet new people with something strange to offer.

Email Inbox

Email Inbox! Yes it may surprise you but you can get some wacky ideas from your inbox. As you know daily a lot of people or companies email you if they have something new to offer. You just need to subscribe them or their websites so that they will keep informing you through emails. You can pick up a story from the subject of the email and write a whole blog around it. Therefore read emails in your accounts for as many email services.


Television is the simplest way to get new ideas for writing blogs. The best part of television is that it is so vivid and live that you only get the news which is real time. You can get ideas from news, tech shows, sports or even politics. Moreover, infomercials running on television are the only way to know what people are looking for. It will help a blogger to write blogs targeted to the right audiences. Hence do not ignore television because you watch daily without realizing that you are actually watching it.

Google Alerts

If you are very lazy and easy going like me then this tool can come very handy. For bloggers who are constantly looking for new ideas Google Alerts can help you all the time as it never runs out of ideas. You just have to create Alerts for certain terms that relate to your blog and create them as many as possible. Google Alerts will alert you if anything new has come on the Internet regarding the alert term you created. By going to websites, forums, discussion boards, watching videos you will get ideas like never before.


Blogging ideas are very important to run a blog on daily basis. So to get inspirations firstly try to figure out what you are good at, secondly spend time on social media, thirdly check your email box regularly, then take a note while watching television and finally if you cannot do all these things then just create alerts on Google Alerts.

Author Bio : I am an internet marketer & blogger. I always research new ways of generating traffic and that is what I write on my blog