Eco friendly kitchen gadgets can make a major difference to the cost and of a modern kitchen. Primarily used to save on energy, while also providing some handy ways to keep food fresh, and to cut down on bill costs for the room, various gadgets provide simple but effective ways to make a kitchen more environmentally friendly. Some of these gadgets can add an extra layer of protection to existing kitchen items that can significantly cut down on their energy usage, while others help the kitchen as a whole to save power. These gadgets include:

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5 Must Have Eco Friendly Kitchen Gadgets

1. Insulated Totes

Bags for life are ideal as they are, providing ways to cut down on plastic bags while shopping, and preventing the buildup of bags in the kitchen. However, Insulated Tote Bags can also be bought which can allow you more easily store food and drink from the kitchen without having to throw things away. Ideal for summer barbecues, or for when you might have to defrost a fridge and freezer, insulated totes can also be a handy way to keep food fresh for a couple of days.

2. Morphy Richards Eco Toaster

Most toasters lose a lot of energy due to heat being drawn away when bread is toasting. Morphy Richards Eco Toasters provide a solution to this problem by adding a lid that can be fitted over the bread while it toasts. While being very simple, the lid results in 35% less energy being lost through toasting, and is also safer in terms of preventing large amounts of smoke from being released.

3. Belkin Power Switches

Belkin provide a range of power switches that act as a master switch for kitchen appliances. Rather than having to remember to turn off microwaves, toasters, kettles, blenders and other kitchen tools, the switches provide a master switch for everything connected up to it. In this way, it is possible to save significant amounts of money over time by cutting down on the wastage caused by appliances being left on standby.

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4. Energy Star Refrigerators and Freezers

Most refrigerators and freezers are energy inefficient, and lose a lot of power by being placed on the wrong setting, and by not being properly insulated. This is particularly the case with older units, or ones that are regularly overfilled, and have to work harder to keep food cool. Energy Star rated refrigerators and freezers are useful, in this respect, because they are designed to use 10-15% less energy, and also feature better lining, temperature control and water filtration technology.

5. Energy Saving Lightbulbs

Energy savings lightbulbs represent perhaps the best gadget that you can fit to your kitchen. While initially more expensive than normal lightbulbs, over time energy savings lightbulbs will save money by using less electricity and not burning out as quickly. This latter problem is particularly common for households where kitchen lights might be kept on for a long period of time. Moreover, dimmer switches and LED lights can also be fitted to further reduce energy usage.