A recent unofficial study wanted to learn the link between social networking sites and organic traffic. Many website owners use social media to promote their site, but can this also lead to an increase in organic traffic? Does it matter which social sites you use to promote?

Although the study was small, it showed promising results. They created six similar websites based in five geographic locations. The websites were similar and targeted for that specific city. They used Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to promote the sites, and one site, the control, was not promoted at all on social networking sites.

The six websites were 10 months old when the study began. One month after the social networking activity, they compared organic traffic for each website. Not surprisingly, the control group did not see a significant change in organic traffic. Of the two websites promoted on Twitter, one showed a 2.88 percent increase in organic traffic, but the other site had a decrease of 1.22 percent. An increase in likes and shares on Facebook led to a 6.9 percent increase in organic traffic, but the biggest winners were the sites promoted on Google Plus. Getting 300 Plus Ones on Google led to an increase of 9.44 percent, and having 100 followers on Google Plus led to an astounding 14.63 percent increase in traffic. If done properly, social media can lead to a significant increase in organic traffic.

Original study & infographic by TastyPlacement.com

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