For those who don’t know what bounce rate is, let us explain it in short for them. Bounce rate is the percentage of online visitors that land on a page in your website and leave the site without navigating to any other page within the site. A high bounce rate can be very frustrating, especially when you are paying for the SEO and paid ads for the website. All your efforts and investments seem to be a waste in such situation.

If a visitor is leaving your website just after landing on it then you must think about the first impression that your website has on the viewers. Mentioned below are some tips that will help you in reducing the bounce rate of your website.

How To Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

How To Minimize Your Website’s Bounce Rate

Proper Ad Placement

Many websites are dependent on advertisements and it is just not feasible for them to stop displaying the ads. Users never visit a site to see the ads being displayed there but still it is a necessary evil for websites. If you post too many ads on your page then you will definitely earn from them but this will be a big nuisance for your readers. You need to make sure that too many ads are not displayed on your webpage and none of them is placed too close to your site’s navigation. These ads could easily get clicked by mistake and redirect the reader to some other website.

Minimum Use Of Third Party Services

Third party items on your website will slow down the loading of pages. This will result in high bounce rate as today’s web user is impatient and is not going to wait too long for your website to load. Third party content should be avoided as it can significantly lower the loading speed of your website. Your website could load much faster if minimum use of third party services, content and widgets is done.

Proper Contrast To Make The Content Readable

One of the simplest ways of making a website likeable is by making the content readable. By using proper contrast on the website you can make it easy to read. Further, it can also be used as a powerful tool for focusing viewer’s attention on more important and relevant content.

How To Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

Simple And Clean Navigation

The bounce rate will automatically increase if the navigation on the website is poor. How can you expect them to stay when they can’t navigate properly? Navigational links should be clearly visible and easily accessible. As your website will also be viewed at small resolutions in various mobile devices therefore it is very important that click targets are large enough to be useful at those resolutions.

Don’t Distract Your Visitors

Unnecessary animation, audios, videos and fly-outs are all distractive material and should be avoided once a visitor has landed on your page and is going through your content. It is very important that you give proper respect to your visitors and allow them to read the content without any distractions. Make your website a source of well organized information and let them use it for the same purpose.

You can easily reduce the bounce rate of your website by working on the above mentioned suggestions and making sure that you don’t make any such mistake in the future.