YouTube is the sole leading hub of videos online. Google doesn't leave any stone unturned in making it's product perfect and awesome. YouTube has changed the online atmosphere of sharing videos and brought a new revolution to the video sharing . We all use YouTube, sometimes to watch the videos and sometimes to share the videos we created so that the world sees and appreciate it. But we miss on certain useful features that YouTube provides and can add the extra spark to the YouTube experience . Here are the 5 Interesting Features of YouTube you might be missing on :

5 Less Popular but Awesome Features of YouTube

YouTube Disco

YouTube Disco

Sometimes we are in a situation where we are not able to decide what song to play. YouTube is not only a video viewing website, it's a live disco too. Just go to YouTube Disco page , enter your favourite artist and click DISCO..! YouTube randomly picks up a song of the artist and you can go partying. That's not all, it even shuffles the video so the fun never ends.

Deep Links

The word seems to be new, isn't it ? Yes, it is one of the most uncommonly known feature of YouTube. Deep Link is an interesting feature by YouTube to share interesting and important parts of the video with friends, contacts , colleagues and much more.

How to Create a Deep Link on YouTube Video?

1. Open the Video of which you want to create a Deep Link.

2. Copy its URL from the browser or click on "Share" button and copy the Video URL.

3. Now add #t=0m20s to the URL of the video to start the video directly from 20 seconds.

For example, if the video URL is :

Then, add the code and it should look like :

That's it. The video starts from 8 seconds and you're onto the favourite and interesting part without wwasting your time.

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Creators Corner

YouTube Creator's Corner

Are you new to YouTube? (maybe?) or Are you looking forward to make and upload your first YouTube video? The third being : Are you out of Ideas for your next video ?

YouTube has a simple solution. The Creators' Corner by YouTube was started to find inspiration about the project ideas ranging from small to big ones. It is a one stop station for all YouTube users from amateur to professional. From getting an idea for YouTube video to uploading, editing and sharing the YouTube video Creators' Corner is the best place to end your search.

Audio Swap

AudioSwap on YouTube lets the user replace a video's soundtrack for a free with large collection of tracks from the YouTube Library . Currently YouTube has more than 150,000 tracks in it's audio library and is adding more everyday. To enhance the video and give it an AudioSwap hover to Enhancements > Audio > and Choose your favourite sound track to be played with the video.

Annotation and Captions

YouTube offers the video uploader to add annotations and captions in the YouTube video with note, speech bubble, title , spotlight so the user watching the video knows about other videos too and watch other videos by the author too. The annotation can be added anytime between the video and YouTube even offers annotations for a specific time period in the video run.

Captions and subtitles help the viewers with hearing disabilities and people who speak other language than the video to enjoy the video.

Isn’t YouTube more interesting now? Do share your views on less known but impressive features of YouTube.