As you all know, Just Few days back; Facebook has revealed their Facebook App Center where Facebook users can use any of the available applications present there for various uses. Facebook App Center provides us various different Facebook apps according to their categories. Now We have already collected Top 5 Popular Facebook Applications for photo and video lovers. Here goes our great collection of all those application which I experienced good. Here goes the list:

5 Best Facebook Apps for Video and Photo Editing


5 Best Facebook Apps for Video and Photo Editing

piZap, a Facebook application with which you can easily edit your own Facebook photos and also can able to add those lovely stickers, designs, any text you wanna write and with that cool borders are also there to apply on your photos. is yet free to use with great user interface to use your Facebook application to make your own photos, edit it and can even share it on social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. and that also instantly.


Socialcamis yet another free application which is very easy to use to make your own videos edit it and instantly share it with your friends. This can easily be used on your iPhone and can click videos from your iPhone and then share it with your friends instantly. This easy to use app provides unlimited access to the video length, so you can easily make ling videos of your choice and with that space you have, so you have to manage it. You can then easily share your videos to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and also by Email or SMS.

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Stupeflix Studio

5 Best Facebook Apps for Video and Photo Editing

Stupeflix is a Facebook application that helps you to mix your pictures , music and your videos together making those fabulous videos out there and so this app is being liked by many due to its cool features and good user interface.


Banbuser is there for video lovers who wished to broadcast their live videos to your Facebook friends from your mobile or a high quality webcam attached to your computer. It is yet another cool app being liked by millions of people.

We hope you will enjoy this collection of top 5 most popular Facebook applications for video and photo lovers which will help in using Facebook to its fullest.

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