Facebook Timeline is something many people do not like. And that is why, Facebook is trying hard to make people happy with the Timeline profile. Few days back, Facebook released 60 Timeline apps specially for the Facebook Timeline profile. And now a new app is out using which you can create the movie of your Facebook Timeline.

HOW TO : Create Movie of your Facebook Timeline profile

Timeline Movie Maker is a Facebook app which let you create movie of Facebook Timeline profile following your activities, images etc. All you have to do is to give Timeline Movie Maker the permission to access your Facebook Timeline data and it will start creating your Timeline Movie.

It may take some time in making Timeline movie of your profile depending on the content. One restriction of Timeline Movie Maker is that it needs at least 75 images which you have shared from your profile. So if you got less than 75 pics then, post few more and start making your Timeline profile movie.

You can also share the Timeline movie of your profile with your friends. They will also have to give permission to the app to watch your Facebook Timeline movie.

Click here to create your Facebook Timeline Movie