People seem to either be great at eating healthy or being fit. If you're having trouble with staying fit there are things you can do to make it easier to meet your goals. For example, you might watch videos, learn new exercises or download an app. Believe it or not, apps can be a wonderful way to combine all the best information into one location. Here are just five awesome iPad apps to help you meet your fitness goals.

Top 5 iPad Fitness Apps to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Diet and Food Tracker by SparkPeople - Free

Diet and Food Tracker by SparkPeople

The Diet and Food Tracker by SparkPeople makes it easy to track fitness and calories burned. With the app you can easily look up cardio and strength exercises and track them as you do them at the gym or around house. Either way, this is an easy app for those that want something simple to use.

iFit - Free

If you have a piece of iFit exercise equipment, you need this app. Not only is the iFit app free to download, but you can also setup a profile that will allow you track diet, exercises and weight information. You will need to be a registered iFit user to use the app.

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DailyBurn Tracker - Free

DailyBurn Tracker

Another free app to consider is the DailyBurn Tracker app. In fact, it may be the only app you need to control your eating, exercise and weight loss plans. The app offers training plans based on your goals, allows you to build customized workout routines, track exercises outside of your plan and even teaches you how to perform exercises.

Fitness - $1.99

If you want access to videos, this may be the app you're looking for. The Fitness app offers over 700 videos, including yoga exercises. The app also offer 40 free training plans along with four modes of workout selection.

Pocket Yoga HD - $3.99

Pocket Yoga HD

We all know the benefits of yoga, but you may be lost when it comes to the different poses. This app offers 145 illustrated poses along with detailed voice and visual instruction. There is even a dictionary of the different yoga poses and the importance of each pose.

Getting fit isn't as difficult as you might think. With all the free, and inexpensive, apps available you can try a few different apps until you find one that works for you. Just remember to start out slow if you're just beginning your exercise program. You may even want to speak with your doctor if you are overweight or have medical conditions.

About the Author: Leigh Calixte currently works at and hopes to stay in the healthcare field for years to come. She is currently studying nutrition and aspires to become a nutritionist for cardiac patients in the future.