In the struggle to maintain a healthy weight, a challenge which seems to be a constant battle, apps have become a useful tool. Mobile apps can help people keep track of how many calories they take in each day. Here are the top 5 apps for counting calories. With these, you personally can experience the advantages of health information technology.

Top 5 Apps For Counting Calories

Top 5 Apps For Counting Calories

Calorie Tracker

As its name indicates, Calorie Tracker is meant to aid in the counting of calories. Offered by, this app helps its users count calories. Being units of energy, calories dictate how much weight is gained or lost. If more calories are taken in than burned, then weight will be gained. On the other hand, if fewer are taken in than worked off, weight will be lost. At the heart of a healthy weight are calories.

Now, to keep track of all these calories users can simply enter in the food eaten. Relying on data for over 45,000 items, this app simplifies calorie counting. If users wish to track calories burned in addition to those consumed, it also can factor physical activity into its tracking. Best of all, Calorie Tracker is offered free.

Lose It

Lose It is similar to Calorie Tracker, but more powerful. Easy to use, this app also keeps track of calories from food and those burned by exercise. In addition to this, Lose It allows users to set personal goals. After entering some relevant information and setting a goal with a specific accomplishment date, Lose It will create a custom plan. This includes a calorie budget. Users can not only track their calories with this handy app, but they also can monitor the progress made. This simple app calculates a calorie budget to hold people accountable.

Calorie Counter

Partnering with the website, this app allows users to upload their information in order to completely track progress. In addition to the calorie counter, this app has several other notable features. For one, it allows people to quickly access a food’s caloric and nutritional information. Making this information easily accessible helps people make informed nutritional decisions.

It also has a food diary, exercise diary, weight loss chart and journal to keep track of progress. Perhaps most impressive aspect of this app is its barcode scanner. With this, users can scan nutrition labels into the app.

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MyFitnessPal was developed to be a simple calorie tracking device for Android phones. Tracking food and exercise, this app easily displays the calories left for the day. Like the Calorie Counter, MyFitnessPal also features a barcode scanner for nutrition labels. It boasts a catalog of 750,000 items. This app has been featured for its effectiveness and ease of use by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NBC, CNET, the Today Show and others.


GoMeals was developed for the iPhone. Originally intended for diabetics, it is a useful app for anyone desiring to count calories. Drawing from 25,000 items and 200 menus, this app displays the calories left and calories consumed. Of those consumed, it shows the distribution between carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

GoMeals not only helps people count calories, but also track the quality of calories. Another nifty feature of GoMeals is its restaurant locator to pair with the catalogued menus.