International Business Machine (IBM) is one of the biggest and oldest brand in the technology and computers. IBM gave lots of awesome stuff to the world and still giving. Here is the compilation of the top 24 moments of the history of the IBM. It shows the development of the IBM and also the development of the technology and computers. Take a look at these nice images which tells you the history of the IBM in brief.

Top 24 Moments Of IBM

IBM Predecessor

IBM Punch Cards

Carol Embossing Machine

Dayton Scale

Daily Dial Attendance

A Personnel Department Of IBM Punch Cards

Accounting Computing Machine

Plug Board

“Social Security Law”

603-Type Multiplier


SAGE: The Military Service

Shoebox : The Birth Of Speech Recognition

7090 - Type Mainframe

S/360 Mainframe

Navigation Computer : Boosting The U.S. Space Program

Watson Victory

First Portable Computer: Weight 23 kg


AS/400 Server

Gerstner New Deal

“Deep Blue” Defeated Chess Champion

Expansion Of The PC Business

“Watson” Beats The Quiz Show Champion