Usually when it comes to gadgets and technology, an image of a geeky boy appears in the mind but that is not the case when you think about the advertisement and endorsement of the gadgets. That is the place where girls rules. LolLink

But do you really think that these hot gadget girls are important for the business? When it comes to buy a gadget or mobile phone, a user always considers the factors like features, price etc. A common user also compares the product with various other gadgets and then buys the best according to his/her needs. It does not matter how beautiful model is promoting the gadget, user never consider them. I would like to know that as a user, did you ever get influenced by the models while buying an iPhone, tablet, mobile phone or a Windows PC? Personally, I would like a well informed person or a geek to give me advice to buy a gadget than a good looking model who knows nothing about the stuff.

Here I am sharing few images of the hot and sexy gadget girls from various location endorsing a gadget like laptop, mobile phones etc. If you like gadgets and hot girls then this one is for you ;)

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