Facebook is ridiculously popular, everyone knows that. But as it expands and other companies bring games to Facebook, everyone is trying to figure out what the best games are. Since almost all Facebook games have some social features, picking a popular game not only ensures you'll have fun but that you'll have friends and people to play with. Facebook is definitely one of the top places to play free online games with your friends. Here are some of the top Facebook games to help you with your search.

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Top 10 Social Gaming Applications for Facebook


Top 10 Social Gaming Applications for Facebook - Farmville

You knew it was coming. Farmville is consistently one of the most popular games on Facebook, and for good reason. It's addictive nature, simplicity, and involvement of friends and family make it very hard to resist. The cute characters and rewards of seeing your farm grow are just a bonus.

Words With Friends

Everyone loves Scrabble. It's an intelligent, simple, game that rewards a large vocabulary and creativity. Words With Friends just makes Scrabble better by letting you play against friends or random opponents, and take your turn whenever its convenient. It's great because you will always have a game waiting for you.

Empire and Allies

This is a social game based on empire building. You start a tiny nation and grow it to be a massive empire. Of course, you must content with other nations and ally with your friends to survive wars and surprise attacks. A pretty deep empire builder and war game.

Indiana Jones Adventure

The game is basic item finding and puzzle solving, but that's not a complaint. It's a great fit for Indy. This Indiana Jones games will regularly add new chapters of story based adventure gaming with your friends. The first new chapter will be called "The Calendar of the Sun".

Mafia Wars

Top 10 Social Gaming Applications for Facebook - Mafia Wars

A more adult game where you start a mob syndicate. You must them grow your criminal group by collecting property, cash, and alliances. You then use all that in mini games of war and deception against your friends and enemies.


A city version of Farmville. Actually has a lot to do, so that you can spend a lot of time building and managing without having to wait for things to finish. Tons of options for building a city the way you want and trading supplies with your friends.

Gardens of Time

An extremely popular hidden object game. You play a time traveller who explores critical parts of history. Has a fair bit of story and decent writing, which is rare for a Facebook game.

Bejeweled Blitz

You have a single minute to match as many gems as possible, go! No wonder they call it "blitz". Classic match 3 gameplay.

Family Feud

Lets you create a party of friends and play the classic game show. Great fun.

DoubleDown Casino

All your favorite casino games available on Facebook. How will you ever get anything done?

Hopefully this has helped you find some great ideas of what look for the next time you want to play free online games. Gaming is always better with friends, so enjoy and good luck!

This article was written and provided by Shon for PlayFreeOnlineGames.tv. Shon is the owner of over 10 Facebook gaming fanpages and applications. He also has been working in online marketing for 15 years.