iPod Nano is a wonderful, multitasking, portable media player. It is smart, small and easy to use. But like any other gadget, iPod Nano is also not immune to freezing. There is nothing to worry about if it freezes, we are sharing some tips for you to sort out this problem. The first one is to upgrade the software of iPod Nano to the latest version.

HOW TO : Solve the Freezing Issue of iPod Nano

HOW TO : Upgrade Software of iPod Nano

You can  install the latest operating system on your iPod Nano to fix the freezing problem. Before reinstalling the software, make sure the battery of your iPod is completely charged. Also you can charge your iPod during the process for 20-25 minutes.

  • Press and hold the middle button and the menu button at once for about six to ten seconds (or until it shows the Apple logo).

  • Make sure you have the latest iTunes version installed in your PC. Now connect the iPod Nano with your PC using data cable.

  • Open the iTunes and browse the list.

  • Select the model of your iPod Nano from the browsing list and press 'Check for Updates' button. This will install the latest software in your iPod and hopefully, it will start working normally.

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    If updating the OS of your iPod Nano doesn't work then, you will have to restore your iPod Nano to the factory settings. You must know that after restore you will lose all data saved on your iPod. It is advised to keep the backup of your iPod files (audio, multimedia and games) in the library of your iTunes. Before you start restoring, make sure your iPod battery is fully charged. Also make sure your PC does not go to stand-by or screen saver mode while busy restoring.

    HOW TO : Restore Your iPod Nano to Factory Settings

  • Connect your iPod Nano with your computer using data cable.

  • Open the iTunes. You will see your iPod in the browsing list.

  • Click on your iPod Nano model in the browsing list.

  • Click on the the Restore button, you will see software versions from the restore option to choose from. You can chose same version or latest version to update.

  • As soon as the restore process starts, you will see a progressive bar on the screen of your computer.

  • You will be asked to keep your iPod Nano connected to your PC.

  • An Apple sign will be visible soon with the bar. Do not disconnect your iPod during the process.

  • You will see a prompt asking you to enter the name of your iPod. Give a name to your iPod Nano

  • Factory resetting process for the iPod Nano is completed now. Disconnect the device from your computer and start using it.

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    Some times just by letting it stay freeze overnight can also fix the problem. If the iPod still doesn't work and stays freeze, you have no other option but give it in to some authorized store to fix it. You can get all the help from iPod support. We hope these tips will help you get going with your iPod Nano fun.

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