Pinterest works similar to a public bulletin board. It allows users to bookmark or “pin” images that they find interesting. The information is available publicly, allowing people to see what other people are bookmarking and may choose to repin these images as well.

People can use Pinterest to help drive traffic to their own websites. It is like having a photo album of things that you like and making it available for everybody else to see. Once you get people interested to one or two items on your list, clicking one will direct them to your site. It is okay if you want to pin your own stuff as long as this is done in moderation. As with any social media outlet, you should not try to hog all of the attention. The aim is to become part of the community and to share content with other members.

This means pinning their images as well from time to time. Although there are no rigid standards as to what the recommended ratio is between your pins and other pins, a good guide to follow is a ratio of 1:3. What this means is for every pin you make from your own website, you should pin 2 from other sources. Here are a number of tips to get you started and helping you making the most out of Pinterest:

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Best Practices on Pinterest

Create Great Images

Create killer content by providing information and presenting it using graphics and visual images. Take the time to come up with a few ideas on what to present and how to present it to the community. Aim for quality and consistency to get people coming back to your boards.

Incorporate the Brand into Images

Use high-quality images on your board. Present it in such a way that the final image represents the style and personality of your website or the company. Be consistent and use the same colors and fonts as those used in the logo. You may need to place a watermark on the image that includes the company logo and a link to the website. This is to protect the rights of your image in case other people decide to upload it.

Include Links

Other than the watermark, you can also include a link to your website on the image’s description. This will help draw people to your website. For now, links on Pinterest have a follow tag. This means that this can add weight to the value and ranking of your website. If you are hiring a separate team to do your SEO, consult with them to make sure it goes well with any existing strategy.

Check Existing Copyrights

Check the laws regarding copyrights for images. In some cases, you may not be allowed to use the photograph once the copyright expires. You may need to ask for legal counsel if you can have the copyright extended and for what price.

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Best Pinterest Tips and Tricks

Pin or Repin Useful Content

Know what your target market wants or needs and pin or repin images that addresses these issues. You can also join in the fun and repin viral content from other sites.

Find Pin-worthy Material

Do not just follow the crowd and repin existing content. Stand out by finding original and interesting content to pin on your boards. Around 80% of the most popular pins are those of original images. Once you get a habit of finding interesting and relevant content to pin on your boards, people will start seeing you as an authority for that particular niche.

Make Your Content Pinnable

The aim with posting amazing visuals is to garner attention and drive traffic to the website. This means letting as many people see the image, pin it on their boards and share it to other people. Make it easier for them to do so by adding a “Pin It” button on your website and right next to the image. You can also add a similar button on your website homepage to help with the link building.

Share Content on a Regular Basis

Much like maintaining a website, you can help maintain the interest of people by pinning content regularly. Try pinning at least once a day.

Review Pinned Content

Every once in a while, check your content. You may want to add more information or improve how the image looks.

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