These days everyone has access to the Internet has an online identity. This online identity represents yourself in the virtual world but also affects you in the real world. That is why, most of the social media sites provides the "Verified Accounts" to the famous people. So, losing your online identity can be a big issue and can affect you negatively in many sense.

The easiest way people lose their online identity is when somebody hacks to their online accounts. So, it is really important to have a strong password for your social medfia profiles, online banking accounts etc. Simply having the mixture of uppercase letters, lowercase letters and special characters in your password can help you much to save your online identity. Have a look at the below infographic to get the idea of How hack-friendly is your password?

How Much Strong is Your Password Against Hackers


But sometimes even having a strong password can not help you mcuh against a really skilled hacker. And if you use your crdeit cards heavily for online shopping or manage your business with your online banking account then you need to have strong protecting for your online transactions.

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LifeLock is a service which provides the strong security against identity theft. LifeLock tracks the activity of your credit score for the identity theft. They are having a strong network and it detects your personal information being used to apply for wireless services, retail credit, utilities, and mortgage loans to avoid any type of misuse of your identity.

There is a possibility of losing your credit card or your online banking account. You can suffer huge loss because of it as well. In that scenario, LifeLock can really help you with their identity thefet protection service. To know more about their services and how LifeLock can help you in providing protection against the identity theft, you can connect with LifeLock on Twitter. And feel free to share your experience of identity theft or LifeLock in the Comments section.

In the online world, protection is the only cure. So secure your important accounts, credit cards, social media  accounts right now and stay safe always.