Pinterest is the new social network in town and is growing quickly. Be a part of the fun, but don’t be a pain! There are a few do’s and don’ts if you want to really be a part of the community online.

Pinterest has grown massively recently going from something that no one had heard of the becoming the third most popular social network in its own right. It has attracted millions and everyone is now pinning their photos and images for their followers to see. The virtual pin board is used for many different reasons; some just posting random photos to keep up with their friends, some even to plan their weddings! There are plenty of great pin boards to browse for inspiration and ideas, but there are some things that are becoming the things that shouldn’t be done and that regular users don’t want to see…

Top 10 Things You Should Never Do On Pinterest

Top 10 Things to Avoid on Pinterest

Credit where Credit is Due!

If you are looking to post an image to your board, for your wedding for example, of a flower arrangement; link it back to the person who has done this and not just the place where you found the picture, i.e. Google. Linking to the original source is only fair and it means that others can really benefit from your board.

Incorrect Links Are Not Welcome

If you are looking for free advertising then do it properly and link from relevant images. Putting your blog or site link on any random images is misleading and, although many be beneficial to you, is annoying to others. Link to relevant content or you will see those followers disappear quickly!

If you want someone to click on your image then make sure you give them a bit of detail as to what it’s about. A proper, clear caption can be beneficial if you are using your Pinterest pin board for traffic and followers want communication, not advertising.

Pinterest is Fun, Don’t Overdo It

If your pin board is started for one intention, like to plan your wedding or to show your talent, then stick to this and don’t get too crazy! The site can be addictive but your followers will be more inclined to stick with your journey if your content is relevant. If you are a business or looking for traffic to your blog then this is an important point to follow.

Syncing Your Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook Account Can Be Annoying

When you consider this, also consider if the people you are sharing with are going to find your posts relevant to the cause and are going to be interested in what you are sharing. You can keep up with all of your social networks anyway without being irrelevant to your followers and friends of different social networks.

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Don't Ignore the Interest of Your Followers

Social networking in this way is a different level of communication; try to keep a bit of the old fashioned communication there as well. Acknowledge comments and others' attempts; interact and find things you might not have otherwise.

Don't Be Disrespectful to Fellow Pinteresters

The idea behind the network is for users to share what they like; insulting others and their board's is a big no no. If they like it, then leave them be. If you don't, then don't follow them.

Don't Dismiss Objectionable Content

Pinterest users want to enjoy their experience and sometimes it is necessary to report a pin. If you come across content that is offensive or objectionable, then report it and don't leave it for someone else to find.

Don’t Be a Complainer

Everyone has problems, but don’t be one of the ones who air their laundry all over the web. Complaining to a certain extent is fine, but don’t go too crazy and start posting images and videos showing the depression of you because that is not what your followers are there for. They are not there to hear negative rants…

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Don’t Pretend to be More than You Are

You don’t have to be an expert to use these sites so don’t like or try otherwise. Be honest to yourself and don’t try and portray your pins as anything more because you won’t get credit for it.

Lastly, Keep it Relevant.

Don’t share images and info that is part of a private joke, for example. Keep it real and share things that every one of your followers can enjoy and understand. There is no logic in asking your followers to check on the different prices to find the best deals for the latest smartphones and gadgets if they are interested in painting and photography.

Pinterest is new and fun, so keep it real so you can enjoy it and so your followers can too.