You will all agree with me that technology is advancing so fast and it's requiring us to be on toes. If you were born in the generation where photographs were being taken with analogue cameras then you have seen and adjusted to the digital phase. This has come with great and better advantages that saves you time and money.

On the other hand we used to store the photographs in albums and we could make scrapbooks using the best shots mainly to give as gift to a special person. Now with the advanced technology based on the internet we need to make things a lot easier by learning how to create an online scrapbook using Instagram and Pinterest.

Mobile phone technology has seen the creation of great applications such as Instagram. This is an application for the iPhone and Android smartphones to give your photos an artistic look even though you do not have artistic features. This makes your photos look real good and it's obvious you will love this application and use it as many times as possible.

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This piles up the photos in your iPhone And Android smartphone's albums. Most people will store them in an external memory or even in their computer but just as plain. Pinterest which is the latest and one of the most popular social media site that gives a platform to users to create theme based image collection other wise known as scrapbook. Using both Instagram and Pinterest will give you a scrapbook with your own sense of style in an online platform.

Pinterest is an online board like a social site which gives you the possibilities of loading your images and saving then in an online streamlined place. It allows you to create unlimited boards of different subjects. At the same time you can organize them into separate themed pin boards. You can follow other boards that you like or even other Pinterestmembers. Contributions are allowed on someone else's board and leave comments on your favorite pins. You can at the same time like, invite and share your pins on other social sites. The beauty of it all is that you are doing this at the touch of a button using the great Pinterest application.

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Take your photos using Instagram application on your iPhone then easily upload them to the Pinterest pin board and start using the features that we have mentioned. You could play round with the Instagram features on your phone since you will also access the Pinterest from your phone.

It is very common these days that most people buy the iPhone and sign up to the Pinterest pin board. With images you can bring together most of your friends and create scrapbooks that you can share instantly with a loved one by emailing or inviting them to the pinboard to experience this fun of creating scarpbooks within seconds. The combination of the two has seen the world become smaller on the internet since everything is dome in real time and results are instant. More and more people with photography interest can come together for better causes.

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