Apple is huge. Since the release of the first iPod in 2001, Apple has grown from a relatively small company into the behemoth it is today. Who remembers Apple from the 1990s? While some don't, others remember using an Apple lle in a school computer lab and playing Oregon Trail. That was a long time ago and much has changed.< You know Apple is big when instead of saying mp3 player, people ask you if you have an iPod. There are a lot of people who couldn't even give you the name of a competing mp3 player. And shoppers can purchase prepaid iTunes store cards almost everywhere.

The iPad has had such success that just about any other tablet from any other competitor is a joke. The only manufacturers that have been able to survive the iPad's existence create ebook readers so far below the iPad's price point that they are almost a different class of device entirely.

Apple is a high value company that enjoys an almost cult-like following that will only continue to grow. You probably can't go a day without seeing Apple advertising somewhere or an iPod being used by someone walking down the street. For many, the question isn't how big is Apple now, but how big will it be in the future.

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How Huge Is Apple? (Infographic)

How Huge Is Apple? (Infographic)
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