Chances are, you know someone who is looking for an eReader this Holiday season. Maybe you have decided you want to gift one to someone special. Well today I'm going to compare some of the most popular brands on the market and let you make an informed choice on which model to buy. Not too clued in on eReaders? Well an eReader is a portable digital device with looks similar to a tablet computer, used to read magazines and books. They are fast becoming the most popular way for avid readers to take their books with them wherever they go. The market is now pretty much saturated when it comes to these must-have devices, so fear not you have plenty to chose from, regardless of what your budget may be.


4 Best E-Readers

Reader Wi-Fi by Sony

Weighing in at 6 ounces, the Wi-Fi reader by Sony is definitely the most portable option, featuring a light-weight and small compact frame that fits in your hand. It has a 6 inch full touch screen which allows you to turn pages with your fingers just like you would do with a traditional book. The battery life is pretty good and will last one month with the WI-FI switched on. The Sony reader has some advanced features such as the ability to highlight sections and take free-hand notes just as you would whilst studying for an exam. Another thing you may want to consider is that the Reader is an open format device which means you can download from multiple e-book sources and read multiple file formats like .PDF or .Word or .MP3.

Amazon Kindle

One of the most popular eReaders available at the moment. Despite its popularity, be advised that the Kindle is closed format which means you can only download content from the Amazon store. The screen has no backlight, this can be a problem to some, but most see it as kinder to the eyes. Most experts believe that a backlight makes reading more tiresome on the eyes whilst others swear by it, and cannot read properly in public places without a backlit screen. The Kindle is a very simple, traditional device and it doesn't contain many advanced features such as the full touch screen that other devices boast, however, it does its job well and is the closest you will get to reading a real book.

Barnes and Noble's Nook

A close competitor to the Amazon Kindle, the Nook is an open format eReader. As one of Kindle's direct opponents it is in the same price range as its adversary. The Nook also comes with a few games, which is a nice touch. Similiarly to the Kindle it is a basic device, without a touch screen, but does have the option of a backlight. There are some open format Nooks that are cheaper than Kindles but the Kindle strikes me as being more user-friendly.

Apple iPad

The best of both worlds. For slightly more than its competitors you could invest in an Apple iPad and use it as an e-reader (among many other things). You can download the Kindle app, and other reader apps to your iPhone or iPad and enjoy the a huge choice of downloads available. These Apps allow you to download content from Amazon along with other opensource bookstores. You can also download content to your iPad from Apple's ibookstore. The iPad full touch screen completes what the Kindle lacks, the look and feel of a traditional book. In addition, you can also enjoy all the versatility the iPad tablet has to offer.

There are dozens more eReaders available, some very basic, some with more bells and whistles than is realistically needed. If your bottom line is budget, then the Kindle really is a great option. If you want a device that packs a punch and can be used for everything from an eReader to a PC then I would have to recommend the iPad. The best advice I can give is to shop around and do your research. Remember books are for life, so opt for something that will last the distance.