Some of the biggest social media platforms today include integrated giants Facebook and newcomers Pinterest. Some organisations, even those who trade online, are still a little dubious over what social media can do for them.

Boticca, artisan jewelry design e-commerce site, have grabbed the online media scenario with both hands and have really managed to wield the potential power modern social media can give to a company. This is really good news for the emerging jewellery designers they represent.

Not only have jumped in the social pool with both feet they have already been producing some really interesting, marketing relevant insights into the world they have seemed to have mastered.

The infographic below shows consumer trends on the afore mentioned platforms and what Boticca have learned from their comparatively short sample space chosen. In the space of only a month but with the sample of 100,000 social users spread evenly across both Pinterest and Facebook, Boticca were able to identify the consumer trends explained in the info graphic below.

Have a read through, it’s really interesting stuff! Keep an eye out for more info from this jewellery giant; if this is what can find in the space of a month, imagine the stats they will come out with after a year of social networking!

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