iTunes compatibility with Windows Media Player stems from the fact that media in iTunes have DRM license protection. This keeps you from playing the files in Media Player. Movies in iTunes are also in M4V format, which Windows Media Player cannot read. However, these problems can be overcome quite easily.

HOW TO : Resolve iTunes and Windows Media Player Incompatibility

HOW TO : Remove the DRM from iTunes files

The first step is to remove the DRM protection. There are many applications that can do this. Few of them are DRM Converter, freeme2, MyFairTunes etc. Once the DRM is removed, you can change the format into something Windows Media Player recognizes such as WMV, mp3 etc.

HOW TO : Play iTunes Videos in Windows Media Player

Download and install any DRM remover software. Open the program and put the M4V files you want to convert in the application. Choose WMV after all the files are loaded. Go to settings and make any adjustments you see fit.

Start converting the files once you have made all the necessary changes. After the conversation is complete, click Find Target. This will find all the files you have converted. Now you can play these files in Windows Media Player.

HOW TO : Play iTunes Songs on Windows Media Player

Another one of the iTunes compatibility with Windows Media Player issues is playing iTunes songs on Windows Media Player. As with the movie format, there are workarounds. One way is in iTunes itself. Some songs bought in the store have no DRM protection. If this is the case, all you have to do is save the file as an mp3 in iTunes or any format Windows Media Player recognizes. In fact, many of the songs sold for iTunes are now DRM free. But if they are not, just download a DRM remover.

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HOW TO : Convert Song File Format in iTunes

Make sure iTunes is open. Click Edit and go to Preferences. At the General tab, click "Import Settings". Choose "MP3 Encoder" at the "Import Using". Click OK until you are back at the library. Switch to List view and choose the first song at your library. Go all the way to the last song on the list.

Hold the Shift key and press the last song. This will select everything. Choose "Create MP3 Version" at the "Advanced" option. All the songs you selected will undergo the conversion process. The time it takes will depend on how many songs there are. If you have hundreds or thousands, this will take a bit of time.

Now you just have to open Windows Media Player and press F3 and select the folders to import the music files to Windows Media Player. Click OK. It will begin looking for all the songs in your computer.

Ripping the iTunes files to MP3 files

This is another method for removing the DRM from iTunes files. Simply burn all those songs on CDs and rip them as WMA or mp3 files. The DRM protection will no longer be there.

Here is a step by step guide. Place a blank CDR disc in your CD ROM. Windows Media Player or whatever burner you have will launch. Add the files to be burned. Make any adjustments necessary before burning and then start the process.

The disc will be automatically ejected after it is burned. Now place the disc back in. Open Windows Media Player or another CD ripper application. Select all the songs in the CD.

Choose which folder they will be stored in. Choose mp3 or WMA as the audio format. Click rip. All the songs will be ripped to the folder you chose. Now you just have to drag the files to Windows Media Player and play them. Check few more tips at .

Hope that you liked this tutorial about removing the DRM from iTunes files to solve the Windows Media Player and iTunes incompatibility.