A media file contains lots of information about the file depending on the type of it. For example, an audio file may show the play duration of the file by hovering the mouse over it. But sometimes, few files do not show all the details of the file which you may required.

These days many different size of video files are available. So, you may sometimes need to check the resolution of the video like if it is 720p video or the 1080p. You may check this data by hovering over the video file but if it is not available there then here is the simple solution for that.

To find the video resolution and other details of a video file, follow the steps given below.

HOW TO : Check the Resolution and Codec Information of Video File

1. Play the video file in the VLC Player. If you are not having the VLC Player then, install it first.

2. Click on the Tools and then on the Codec Information as shown in the image above.

3. A popup window will appear showing all the information of the video file including the audio codec, frame rate etc. In the Resolution section, you can check the dimension of the video file.

You can have a look on more detail of that video file, by clicking on the General tab. You can also use the shortcut key combination CTRL + J while playing the video to check the resolution and codec details of the video file.