One of the biggest use of the smartphone is to take pictures and videos. With the advancement in the smartphone cameras, people are using their phones more and more to capture the moments. But sometimes people hold their phone in wrong orientation and the video coming out is the vertical instead of horizontal.

A video recorded in wrong direction can spoil the fun and it is also not easier to watch them until you ain't having a very flexible neck or you prefer to keep rotating your device according to the video orientation.

HOW TO : Rotate and Save a Video in Windows Live Movie Maker
You can easily rotate the images and change their orientation right from our phones or on our computer. But we cannot say the same about rotating the videos. Changing the orientation of the video is easy but you need to find how to do that.

Below is a method mentioned which uses the Windows Live Movie Maker to rotate a video and change its orientation. Have a look on the video below or just read the steps mentioned in details.

HOW TO : Rotate and Save a Video in Windows Live Movie Maker

1. Open the video in the Windows Live Movie Maker which you want to rotate. You can also Right Click on the video and use the Open With option to open the video in the Windows Live Movie Maker.

2. Under the Home tab, look for the Rotate Left and Rotate Right option. Click on one of the option the way you want to rotate your video.

You would be able to see the preview instantly in the editing window.

3. Now, click on the Save Movie button on the top right. It will show you the options available for the video size in which you can save the video you have rotated. Select the one of them or make a custom dimension for the rotated video.

4. Browse the location where you want the video to be saved. Now, the Windows Live Movie Maker will start converting and saving the movie.

Once the movie is rotated and saved on the preferred location, a notification will appear on the window and you will be able to open and watch the video you have just rotated using the Windows Live Movie Maker.