Smartphone is a necessary companion of us these days. Our smartphones are filled lots of important data like images, videos, documents, email etc There are lots of smartphone apps available which let us hide files on our phones. You can also find many apps which you can use to lock and secure your entire phone or individual app.

Earlier I have published a post covering the best App Locker apps for Android smartphones which you can use to lock apps on your phone and a user needs to unlock a particular app before using it. Similarly, you can find many apps to hide the image, videos and other files on your phone. But many people worry about using such apps because of the privacy concerns.

HOW TO : Use Private Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5 to Hide Private Files and Images

Samsung Galaxy S5 is having this feature in built which means you do not need to install any third party apps on your Galaxy S5 to hide pictures and videos. Below is a tutorial to tell you how to easily hide images and videos on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

HOW TO : Use Private Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5 to Hide Images, Videos and Private Files

1. Go to the Private Mode on your Galaxy S5 by going to the Quick Settings, you can visit the Quick Settings by pulling down the notification tray with two fingers.

Alternatively, you can visit the Private Mode by going to the Settings --> Device --> Personalization --> Private Mode.

2. Now, you will have to verify yourself to your device. The easiest and best method to do is to use the finger print scanner placed at the Home button on your Samsung Galaxy S5. You can also verify the identity by standard methods of pin, password or pattern lock.

3. Now, just select the images, videos etc which you want to hide and move to Private Mode. After selecting the files, tap on the Menu option on the top right corner.

HOW TO : Use Private Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5 to Hide Private Files and Images

4. From the options available, tap on the “Move to Private” as shown in the above image. A new folder called “Private” will be created automatically and all your files moved to it. You will see a Lock sign on the folder and files to let you know that this folder is a private one.

5. Now, just go to the Private Mode following the same method mentioned in the step 1 above. Turn off the Private Mode now. This is a very important step as without turning off the Private Mode, your Private folder will be accessible to anyone who uses your Galaxy S5.

HOW TO : Use Private Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5 to Hide Private Files and Images

If you want to unhide the images and videos from Private Mode on your Galaxy S5 then, just turn on the Private Mode, go to the Private folder, select the files and then use the “Remove from Private” option.

Samsung Galaxy S5 also let you access the Private folder from the in built file explorer My Files. All you have to do is to turn on the Private Mode and go to the My Files to find the Private folder under the Local Storage.

What do you think about this feature of hiding images and videos on Samsung Galaxy S5 using the Private Mode? Feel free to share your views in the Comments section below.