Like the arrival of the personal laptop, cell phone, heck, even the internet itself, mobile apps are rising in popularity like wildfire and virtually every working American has access to an internet-ready mobile device that is equipped with dozens of apps. The popularity of mobile apps is driven largely by their convenience and ease of use; you can search for, research, and download a mobile directly onto your mobile app within minutes.

But as easy they are to use and download, mobile apps pose some serious privacy security risks that everyone using them in any capacity should know, and they generally fall into 4 categories; risks in the application layer, network layer, hardware layer, and operating system layer. This infographic, How Mobile Apps Are Invading Your Privacy, gives an explanation on each one of these common potential risks, as well as several other facts about the sheer magnitude of the mobile application boom, stories about mobile app security, and specific past mobile app security breaches.

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How Mobile Apps Are Invading Your Privacy (Infographic)

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