Adding a FTP client to your iPad helps you handle FTP file transfer and management on the go, so that when you travel and have to access work files from a FTP server, you can do it directly through your iPad, without having to carry your laptop with your everywhere. An iPad FTP client is also good to have when you’re at home – it will help you access your work files more conveniently.

There are several FTP clients in the App Store, and although all of them provide basic transfer and management features, some are easier to use, and come with much more features than others. Here is a selection of the best FTP clients for your iPad.

!Before purchasing any FTP client for your iPad, make sure you have installed on your iPad the right apps for opening the types of files that you have on your FTP server. Most FTP clients can open TXT files and basic image and document files, but their support stops there.

Best FTP Clients for iPad

FTP Client Pro – Price $1.99

 Top 3 FTP Clients for iPad

One of the easiest-to-use apps of its kind, FTP Client Pro lets you view compatible documents within the app. Files not supported by the app can be downloaded on your iPad and viewed in another app. Features include the ability to view image files, download folders, create new folders and files, and send files or links via email.

Also lets you change file and folder permissions. FTP Client Pro is cheap and as simple as an app of its kind can be, making it a really good choice for a first-time FTP app buyer. Note however, that FTP power users will likely find this app limited.

GoodReader – Price $4.99

Top 3 FTP Clients for iPad

While not a dedicated file transfer and management app, GoodReader, a massive PDF and TXT reader, can also connect to FTP and SFTP servers, download files on your device for viewing, as well as upload new files to the server. Comes with powerful management features that let you create folders, and move, copy, and rename files, as well as unzip or unrar them.

Quickly emailing your files is also possible. What’s more, GoodReader also includes an Auto Sync feature that works with Dropbox and other online sync and online storage services.

FTP ON the Go Pro – Price $9.99

Top 3 FTP Clients for iPad

More advanced users will appreciate the excellent FTP, SFTP, and FTPS support and features provided by FTP On the Go Pro. This app is really for those who manage files on a FTP server – if you are not doing that, then the simpler FTP apps mentioned above are probably a better as well as a cheaper investment.

FTP On the Go Pro comes with many notable features: browse, upload, and download files from a FTP, FTPS, and SFTP server; edit text files with the built-in editor; browse the web with the integrated web browser; save typing by using the Code custom keyboard for the iPad; view and edit multiple files on iPad at once; share access to stored files wirelessly; use iCloud to share files across devices; import files from any app that supports exporting; edit images with an integrated image editor, and many more. FTP On the Go Pro is truly a complete offering.

In the end, remember that although the professional FTP clients listed here are all premium apps, they represent an excellent investment if you consider the many features they offer. They can make your iPad a much more powerful and useful device. And they will definitely make the handling of files on a FTP server a lot easier.