As more of our lives and business migrate to computers, maintaining data has become an increasingly important matter. Fortunately, there are dozens of online backup services are available to help you create backups without much legwork. We've taken a look at five of the most popular solutions and given our thoughts below.

Best Online Backup Services to Protect Your Data and Recover Files

Best 5 Online Backup Services You Can Use to Protect Your Data

1. Box

The main concerns of most people looking for anonline backup service are to have an adequate amount of storage and access to their data. Box provides private users with five gigabytes of free storage. In addition, the service also lets its users access their data from virtually any type of device.

2. EVault

EVault goes to great lengths to make sure your data is never lost. Backups are stored on a cloud server and readily accessible. In case those servers ever do fail, EVault keeps a constant off-site backup so that your data is never lost.

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3. Google Drive

Google Driveis a new product from Google that offers five gigabytes of storage for free. The most convenient aspect of Google Drive is that you're already signed up for it if you have a Google account. The only major knock on it is that there is no automatic syncingavailable yet, so you'll need to upload your data manually.

4. SugarSync

With different tiers of storage available, SugarSync can cater to a number of crowds. Users of the service can get five gigabytes of service for free, or they can opt for a premium model that gives between 30 and 500 gigabytes. SugarSync is for you if you want to access data on multiple devices, as it supports PCs and smartphones.

5. Carbonite

Carboniteis a premium backup service available to individuals and businesses. It costs $59 per year for individuals, with other products that include more features available for slightly more. The service does require that you install a program on your computer, but the upside is that the program will automatically create backups.

Choosing an online backup servicedepends on a few factors. Storage capacity, data encryption and automation all need to be taken into consideration. With these services and more available, you'll have plenty of options to choose from.