Twitter is one of the most popular social networking site and a great medium to reach to wide audience. Twitter already provides stat like how much engagement a tweet received in terms of ReTweets and Favorites. But what if you want to see the detailed reach and engagement achieved by a tweet like how many people have seen the tweet, how many people replied to it, how many people clicked on your Twitter profile or link via that tweet?

Twitter has officially launched the analytic tool to check the performance and engagement of every tweet you post. This Twitter analytic tool provides detailed information about the engagement achieved by a particular tweet. You can get the performance details like how many times that tweet was viewed, number of ReTweets, number of favorites, number of click on Tweet Details to see more about that tweet, number of replies received etc.

The best thing is that the very Twitter analytic tool also provide the performance report of your tweets in bulk for a particular time period. You can also select whether you want to check the performance of tweets, replies or the promoted tweets.

So, it is a nice Twitter analytic tool if you are trying to expand your social media reach and interested in knowing that how good your tweets are performing. Using this data, you can find the best kind of tweets and timing to post the tweets to receive the maximum engagement on Twitter. Below is how to use the Twitter analytic tool to see the engagement of your tweets.

HOW TO : Check the Performance and Engagement of a Twitter Tweet

1. Login to Twitter and go to your profile page.

2. Click on the “Chart” icon showing below a tweet as shown in the below pic.

HOW TO : Check the Performance and Engagement of Your Every Twitter Tweet

3. A popup windows will appear showing how many impressions, ReTweets, favorites and clicks on the Tweet details link, engagement count that tweet has received.

4. Now, click on the “View Details” link on the bottom right corner to get more details of the tweet performance.

HOW TO : Check the Performance and Engagement of Your Every Twitter Tweet

5. On the new page, you will find more performance details like impression chart, number of replies, number of tweet permanent clicks etc.

HOW TO : Check the Performance and Engagement of Your Tweets in Bulk

1. Copy and paste below URL in your web browser.

2. Remove my Twitter username “shaanhaider” with your username and press the Enter key.

3. Now, the complete Twitter analytic tool showing all your tweets for the last 28 days will appear on the page.

HOW TO : Check the Performance and Engagement of Your Every Twitter Tweet

4. You can select the tabs “Tweets”, “Tweet and Replies” and Promoted to see that particular kind of tweets. Click on a single tweet to check the performance and engagement data of that particular tweet.

5. To check the performance of tweets posted during a particular time interval, you can select the time range from the calendar and also export the performance data by clicking on the “Export Data” button.