Few months back we have shared the hands-on video of the Twiddler 3 , watch the video below, which is claimed to be the “World’s Most Mobile Keyboard and Mouse” on our YouTube channel. At that time, the Twiddler 3 was in beta phase and was available to gadget reviewers only. And the good news is that the Twiddler 3 is officially launched and available for the common users as well.

Twiddler 3 is developed by Tek Gear Inc. which is specialized in making futuristic devices, wearables and virtual reality gadgets. Twiddler 3 is basically uses the Bluetooth functionality to connect with a wide range of devices wirelessly. You can also connect the Twiddler 3 with your computer or mobile phones using the OTG ( On The Go ) technology with the help of USB cables.

Twiddler 3 - Features, Specs, Price and Review

Twiddler 3 is designed by the Kicker Studio and having a unique design which let you use the device with just one hand. It comes with just 19 keys only and uses a function called Chording to use it as a full fledged keyboard. You can use the Twiddler 3 to type all the letters, numbers, characters, keyboard symbols and commands found on a standard keyboard. With a bit of practice, an average user can type between 30 to 60 words per minute.

One of the best thing about Twiddler 3 is that it is not just a one handed keyboard or the most mobile keyboard, it is also having lots of customization options to fulfill your typing requirements. Twiddler 3 can be used to type in any language with a little bit of customization.

Tek Gear also offers a variety of pre-programmed user-interfaces that can be quickly downloaded to your Twiddler 3 to provide better and customized user experience.

Twiddler 3 is available at the official Tek Gear website for purchasing and the price of Twiddler 3 is $199. It is available in two color options - White and Black.