These days smartphones are coming out with large amount of RAM. For example, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Asus Zenfone 2 sport a massive 4 GB of RAM. The reason behind this that people use lots of heavy games and apps which requires good amount of RAM. Also after some time, your device can start to perform slowly and RAM can be the reason behind it.

The only problem with amount of RAM is that we can’t increase it simply as we do with the ROM of our devices by putting a memory card in it. But there is still workaround available for that. If you are having an Android smartphone which is not having a great amount of RAM and you want to increase the RAM of your Android smartphone and tablet then, you can do it with a third party app on your rooted Android smartphone.

First of all, you need to have the rooted Android smartphone. If your phone is not rooted then, watch the below video that how to root your Android smartphone easily in one click.

Now, you need a memory card of at least Class 4 category. I would suggest to go with the Class 10 card for the best performance. This method creates a dedicated partition on your memory card which will be used as the RAM. So if you are interested in increasing the RAM of your Android smartphone then just follow the instructions given below.

HOW TO : Increase the RAM of Android Smartphone

1. Download the MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check app to check whether your phone’s kernel is compatible to perform this action or not.

Click Here to Download MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check App

2. Open the lick on the 'Start RAMexpander Test Here” to start the test and then select the “SD Card “ or “Ext SD Card” option.

HOW TO : Increase the RAM of Android Smartphone and Tablet

3. If the result shows that your device is compatible to expand the RAM then go to the next step below.

4. Download the ROEHSOFT RAM Expander on your Android smartpohne from the link given below.

Click Here to Download ROEHSOFT RAM Expander App

5. Open the ROEHSOFT RAM Expander app and provide it the root permission if requested.

HOW TO : Increase the RAM of Android Smartphone and Tablet

6. Now use the slider provided to select the amount of RAM you would like to provide to your Android smartphone. The maximum expansion limit is 4 GB.

7. Once you have allocated the amount of RAM, tap on the 'Swap Activ' button to finish the process.

Now your Android should be having more RAM and improved performance because of this.