Xiaomi released the latest version of MIUI few days back with some new features and lots of improvements from the previous version like faster performance, better battery life, new icons, new categorization for the Settings etc. MIUI 7 will be available slowly to most of the Xiaomi devices in the next few weeks via OTA updates.

But if you are one of those users who can’t wait till then, there is the good news that the Developer version of MIUI7 is available now and you can install and use it until the stable version of the MIUI 7 is not available for your Xiaomi phone in your region.

HOW TO : Upgrade to MIUI 7 on Xiaomi Mi4, Mi4i, Mi3, Redmi Note, Redmi 2 and other Xiaomi Smartphones

The best thing about developer version of MIUI ROM is that you will get updates frequently and new features as soon as they are included in the MIUI 7, usually on every Fridays. So, below is the process which you can use to install the MIUI 7 on your Xiaomi smartphones like Redmi Note, Mi3, Mi4, Mi4i etc.

There is also a video tutorial provided below which you can watch for the better understanding of the exact process of upgrading your Xiaomi smartphone to MIUI 7.

Note : First of all, charge your phone battery up to 75% at least and take the backup of all your content. This update will not erase any of your data but still it is advisable to have a backup of all your important data before upgrading your Xiaomi phone to MIUI 7.

HOW TO : Upgrade Your Xiaomi Smartphone to MIUI 7

1. Download the MIUI 7 ROM package for your Xiaomi smartphone phone by clicking on the link below.




Redmi 1S MIUI 7 ROM

Redmi 2 MIUI 7 ROM 

Redmi Note 4G MIUI 7 ROM

Redmi Note 3G MIUI 7 ROM

2. Create a folder called “downloaded_rom” on your computer and move the downloaded file into it.

3. Now, connect your Xiaomi phone to your computer and move the “downloaded_rom” folder in the memory card of your phone or to the internal memory.

4. Disconnect your phone from the computer and open the Updater app on your Xiaomi phone. Alternatively, you can also go to Settings --> About Phone --> System Updates for the same.

5. Once the Updater app is opened, tap on the Menu key or three dots on the screen as shown in the image above.

HOW TO : Upgrade to MIUI 7 on Xiaomi Mi4, Mi4i, Mi3, Redmi Note, Redmi 2 and other Xiaomi Smartphones

6. Now, tap on the “Choose Update Package” option.

7. Browse and go to the previously copied “downloaded_rom” folder and select the MIUI 7 ROM which you have downloaded in the first step.

HOW TO : Upgrade to MIUI 7 on Xiaomi Mi4, Mi4i, Mi3, Redmi Note, Redmi 2 and other Xiaomi Smartphones

8. Your phone will automatically start upgrading and will reboot the device once the process is finished. After the reboot, your Xiaomi phone will have the latest MIUI 7 ROM installed.

Once your Xiaomi phone is ready with the MIUI 7 ROM, go to the updater app again and check whether any new update is available for your phone or not. Download and install any update available to keep your device up to date with all the latest features of MIUI 7.