Don’t you wish developing a WordPress website was a cake walk? We all do!

The intricacy of making a WordPress website makes me sweat! I keep doubting the steps I take, what if something goes wrong? What if I screw up the entire process? It completely stresses me out!

Do you also go through the same? If yes, stick with me! I have found an ultimate solution for all your WordPress problems.

While looking for a solution regarding a WordPress query the minimal information was extremely frustrating. But here is an extremely well designed and well developed infographic from Capsicum Mediaworks. The entire team at put all their efforts in making this extremely extensive and informative WordPress infographic.

The best part is that this infographic is designed in a way, which lets you use it as a Checklist. So, as you begin your work on developing a WordPress website, you can keep this checklist in front of you to tick off the pointers you execute! Isn’t that wonderful?

The entire infographic is divided into seven informative parts. Here’s what is efficiently covered in this infographic:
  • Getting Started :- What a lot of people don’t realize is where to start when planning a WordPress website. This infographic has taken every minuscule aspect into consideration and has provided the right direction to get started.
  • WordPress Pre Development Checklist :- In this section, the infographic focuses on creating the platform for developing a WordPress website. With things like choosing the right directory to password protecting the demo site is all covered within this section!
  • WordPress Development Checklist :- Here, the infographic focuses on the most important aspects of developing a WordPress website. This is the main body of the WordPress development process, which focuses on creating a site map, to checking for content overflow.
  • WordPress Launch Checklist :- This is the final stage for the development of your website, which includes taking your website live. The infographic offers you a list of pointers following which will ensure a hassle-free launch of your website.
  • WordPress SEO Checklist :- After the essential stages of developing a WordPress website, the infographic then focuses on the brownie points. This section explains you how to effectively make your website SEO friendly!
  • WordPress Security Checklist :- Protecting your website is more important than developing your website, as that will ensure that the efforts you took in developing your website won’t go waste!
  • WordPress Maintenance Checklist :- A well maintained website will ensure that it gets more and more visitors on the website. We sure have benefited from this WordPress Checklist, now it’s your turn! So, dig in this infographic to make an effective WordPress website!

WordPress 101 : The Complete WordPress Checklist and Guide (Infographic)

WordPress 101 : The Complete WordPress Checklist and Guide (Infographic) -
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