Live Photo is one of the highlighted feature of iPhone 6S. It is pretty old feature for the Lumia users and they are using it with the Living Images name. But there is a good news for iPhone users is that Facebook has recently integrated the Live Photo in the Facebook’s iOS app.

So if you are having an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, you can post and view the Live Photos on Facebook. And if you are having an older version of iPhone or iPad, you will be able to just view the Live Photos posted by your Facebook friend.

How to Post and View "Live Photos" on Facebook

Below is the tutorial how to post and view the Live Photo on Facebook’s iOS app. The first part is strictly for iPhone 6S or 6S Plus and the second part is for all iPhone users.

HOW TO : Post and View "Live Photos" on Facebook

HOW TO : Post the "Live Photos" on Facebook from iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

1. Launch the Facebook application on your iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus.

2. Tap the Camera icon next to “What’s on your mind?” box where you type your Facebook status.

3. From the list of options provided, tap on the “Photo/Video” option.

4. Now, just select all the Live Photos which you want to post and tap on “Done” button

5. Do not forget to tap on the “Live” button below the photo to publish the Live Photo. If you do not do this step, Facebook will post still image instead of Live Photo.

6. Now just write a description or message to publish along the Live Photo and tap on the “Post” button to finally publish the Live Photos on Facebook.

HOW TO : View the "Live Photos" on iPhone's Facebook App

1. First of all, look for the Live Photo icon on the images posted on your timeline while browsing the Facebook’s iPhone or iPad app.

2. If you find a Live Photo then depending on which device you are having, follow the below method :

a. If you are using the Facebook app on an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus then use the 3D Touch on the image to see it in the Live Photo mode.

b. If you are having any other iOS 9 device like older iPhones or iPads, then tap and hold on the image to see the Live Photo on Facebook.

Keep in mind that the iPhone Live Photos can only be viewed in Facebook app for iOS devices running iOS 9 and later. On Android and Windows Phone devices, use will be able to only see still image version of the Live Photo posted.

Also note that not everyone has access to Live Photos feature yet on Facebook. But sooner or later it will be available to all iPhone/iPad users.