If you have locked your phone and forgot the pin and your fingerprint scanner is not matching then the only way to use your phone back is to reset it.

Hard resetting your phone means completely wiping all of your data stored in your phone memory and making the phone back to the out of the box condition. To do that, first we recommend you to backup all your data by connecting to a PC, as factory resetting your device will erase of all of your data. Once done you can follow the steps below.

How To : Factory Reset Any HTC Smartphone

1. Hold your power button and completely turn off you phone.

2. Once done now press power, and volume down at the same time.

3. Now your phone will vibrate and you will be into the recovery mode. Now scroll down by using the volume down button and select "Boot to Recovery Mode". Then press the power button

4. Once the recovery Mode boots up scroll down using volume down button and select "Wipe data and factory reset" and then press the power button.

5. Now again scroll down in the same way and select "delete all user data" and press the power button. Now it will be erasing all of your data, see at the bottom of your phone's screen.

6. Then it will be showing "Data Wipe Complete" at the bottom of your screen and then press power button to execute the reboot process.

7. Now you are all done and good to complete the set up process, fill up your details, log in with your email id and set up everything. Now you are good to go and can use your device normally like before.

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