There is always a problem for new bloggers who try to embed videos from YouTube in blog posts. If you just copy and paste the link the video is embed but it shows in a very small size and that looks too bad. In this tutorial I've shown how we can overcome this problem and how to embed the video in blog post when you are using Blogger and resize the YouTube video player to fit the page of your blog.

And the best part is that even though this method is for Blogger blogs, you can use the same method for WordPress blogs too to embed the YouTube videos or videos from any video streaming site inn your blog posts.

Note: Watching the video at least once is recommended for better understanding.

How to Embed YouTube Videos and Resize Properly in Blogger and WordPress

1. First finish the article you are writing. Complete the whole body, do your edits, add pictures and anything you like to do.

2. Now start by opening YouTube.

3. Find and open the video you want to embed. (In my case, I've shown by adding the intro video of my youtube channel.)

4. Now click on the video and open it.

5. After that, click on the share button below the video (If you can't understand watch the detailed Video Tutorial).

6. Then click the embed button.

7. Right click and copy the code (or just use CTRL+C)

8. We aren't done yet, now go back to Blogger (or Wordpress) and click on HTML

9. Choose the section where you want to paste the video. I pasted it in the very first line as per my requirements you can do paste where ever you want, just find the body lines part and click the and paste the code. Now press Enter.

10. Now change the values and make width="750" and height='400'. This suits best for me you may choose any other size you want. Just input the size you want and click preview to see if it is ok for you or not.

11. Once you are done and like the size, click publish and it will publish the embed youtube video with your article. Now we are done.

I hope this tutorial has helped you, if you have any questions please post in the YouTube comments section and for better understanding watch the video.