Huawei has launched a range of themes for the holy month of Ramadan that can be downloaded exclusively on your Huawei smartphones. All of these Ramadan theme reflect the spirit of the holy month.

If you are interested, you can download the Ramadan themes on your Huawei smartphone by following the steps given below.

Huawei launches Ramadan Themes : How to Download and Use

HOW TO : Download and Use the Ramadan Themes on Huawei Smartphones

1. Launch the Themes app on your Huawei smartphone.

2. Login with your Huawei ID. If you are not registered yet then, register first to get your Huawei ID using your mobile number or email.

3. Once logged, you will find a new section as Ramadan Themes in the Themes app. Tap on it to open and browse the Ramadan themes.

4. Tap on the Ramadan theme that you would like to download to open it.

5. Tap on the Download button to download it.

6. Once the theme is downloaded, tap on the Apply button to apply it on your Huawei smartphone.