There are lots of fitness trackers available in the market these days. Recently, we have received the Nuband Activ+ for review purpose and we were trying our hands on it since last few days.

And in this article, we are going to share the detailed review of Nuband Activ+ fitness tracker with all readers of Geeky Stuffs.

This review is divided in different sections, covering pros and cons of each of them. So, have a look on the hands-on review of Nuband Activ+ fitness tracker.

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Nuband Activ+ Fitness Tracker : Hands-on Review and Features

Retail Box and Unboxing

Nuband Activ+ fitness tracker comes in a small retail box. You will find the fitness tracker along with the silicon band, a user manual and a micro USB cable to charge the device in the retail box. All contents are well placed in a small plastic box in side the retail box.

On the back side of the retail box, you will find long list of features of Nuband Activ+ fitness tracker printed along with a screenshot of the Nuband Activ+ smartphone app.

You can watch our unboxing video of Nuband Activ+ fitness tracker in the video embedded below.


Nuband Activ+ fitness tracker is a beautiful device from every angle. It features a minimalistic but still elegant and sporty look. And due to this, you can wear with most of the outfits. The tracker is in the middle and the OLED screen dimension is 20x45mm and the silicon strap width is 16mm.

The material used is basically glossy plastic in the tracker and the strap is made of silicon. The silicon band got the nice patten and texture along with the Nuband branding in shiny metal finish. Overall the whole device weighs just 18.5 grams and once you put it on your wrist, you will not even feel it there.

The tracker itself is of black color but the silicon band are available in different colors like pink, blue, lilac etc. The good thing is that the band is removable, so you can buy the Nuband Activ+ accessory pack of interchangeable strap and keep changing them according to your mood.

Nuband Activ+ Fitness Tracker : Hands-on Review and Features

There is just one button on Nuband Activ+ and it works as the power on/off key and the menu key as well. The charging port is provided on the corner of the tracker unit and once the tracker is placed in the strap, the port is totally hidden and secured. And that is what makes Nuband Activ+ fitness tracker splash resistant.


Since Nuband Activ+ is a fitness tracking device, it tracks the amount of steps you have taken, calories burnt, distance covered and percentage of daily goal achieved. To check all these data, you just need to press the power button and it will show data of one category for each keypress. There is an alarm clock and sedimentary reminder feature provided as well.

There is sleep tracker included that monitor your sleeping activity like how good you are sleeping and for how long. To switch between Activity mode and Sleep mode, you just need to press the button twice. And if the tracker detects that you are doing some movement for 15 minutes while in Sleep mode then, it automatically switches to Activity mode intelligently.

Bluetooth 4.0 is used to quick connection and data transfer. The device is splash resistant and water resistant up to the 33 feet depth too as mentioned above. I managed to get water on my device multiple times while walking in rain, washing hands etc. and there is no damage caused to the device because of it. So you can use it easily near water without worrying about the product safety.

Nuband Activ+ Fitness Tracker : Hands-on Review and Features

The battery takes around 3 hours to charge fully that is a bit much. But once fully charged, it lasts for nearly a week. There is no charger provided in the retail box, so you will have to use any USB charger to charge the device.

You can sync the tracker data with the smartphone app have the history of all your physical activity monitored. But keep in mind that the tracker keeps the data of only three days in its memory. So, you will have to sync the data at least once in three days or you will lost that data forever.

Smartphone App

To use most of the features of the Nuband Activ+, you will have to use its dedicated smartphone app available for Android and iOS devices running on Android 4.3+ and iOS 7.0+. So if you are a Windows Phone or BlackBerry user then, you will not be able to enjoy all features of Nuband Activ+ fitness tracker.

To sync the data, you just need to switch on Bluetooth on your phone and press the synchronization key in the app and power key once on the tracker. There are three tabs on Nuband Activ+ smartphone app. Activity tab shows the exact same data that you see on the screen of the device. You can even share your activity data on Facebook and Twitter from the app itself.

The second tab is History where you can see the data history of your sleeping and activities. You can see the data for a particular date, week, month and even for an year. The third tab is Settings where you will find most of the options.

You can set your height, weight and age in My Profile section to get the accurate data of your physical activity along with language and clock type selection. In Workout Goal, you can set the number of steps you want to take everyday.

Smart Alarm feature is a basic alarm clock to alert you by a vibration with nothing so smart in it. You can set the time, days on which you want the alarm to work and a snooze time too. You can set only one alarm clock at a time.

Reminder option let you set reminder to get alert when you have not performed any physical activity for a selected period of time. You can set from 1 minute to an hour and if the tracker doesn’t count any steps taken in that duration, it will alert user with a vibration to move and do some physical activity.


Nuband Activ+ fitness tracker is designed and built for the fitness purpose and it serves it perfectly. The design is beautiful and the device is very lightweight and easy to use and handle. The battery performance is nice and the user friendly smartphone app provide good amount of data.

Considering its competitive price and features, Nuband Activ+ is a good option for every health and fitness lover.