Last month we reviewed the NuBand Activ+ fitness tracker and also organized a very successful giveaway of the product. Since then we were trying our hands on the another fitness tracker by NuBand called NuBand Evolve.

And this time, we are going to share the detailed hands-on review of NuBand Evolve fitness tracker.

This detailed review is divided in different sections, covering pros and cons of each of them. So, have a look on the hands-on review of NuBand Evolve fitness tracker.

Nuband Evolve Multi-Sport Fitness Tracker : Hands-on Review and Features

NuBand Evolve Multi-Sport Fitness Tracker : Hands-on Review and Features

Retail Box and Unboxing

NuBand Evolve fitness tracker comes in a small retail box, very much similar to the one like the Activ+. You will find the fitness tracker along with the silicon band, a detachable band to extend the length of the band overall, a user manual and a micro USB cable with connectivity pins to charge the device in the retail box.

All contents are well placed in a small plastic box inside the retail box. On the back side of the retail box, you will find long list of features of NuBand Activ+ fitness tracker printed along with a screenshot of the Nuband Activ+ smartphone app.

You can watch our unboxing video of NuBand Evolve multi-sport fitness tracker in the video embedded below.


NuBand Evolve fitness tracker sports a unibody design. So, the tracker is attached to the band itself and none of the part comes out of the device comes out. It is a beautiful device and comes with a minimalistic and sporty look. So, you can wear it with most of the outfits.

The tracker is in the middle and the OLED screen is slightly smaller than the Activ+ we reviewed earlier. The screen dimension is 14 x 38 mm and the silicon strap width is slightly lower too with 14mm.

There is just one button on NuBand Evolve that works as the power on/off key, to access the menu and different sections of it, to change the activity mode and to lit up the screen when it is dark.

The material used on the tracker is having the matte finish and due to this, it matches perfectly with the band made of silicon. The silicon band is plain with no pattern or texture. There is the Nuband branding provided at the end of the band in shiny metal finish. Overall the whole device weighs just 18.5 grams and so very comfortable to wear all day long.

The drawback of having a unibody design is that the band is unchangeable and you will not have the luxury to use the different colors of the band with one device.

And since the charging point is provided at the bottom of the tracker and you need the special USB cable provided to charge the device, if you lose the cable you will not be able to charge the device at all. That is a big issue but to make the device waterproof for swimming activity, it was required.


NuBand Evolve is a multi-sport fitness tracking device. It let you track the different kind of activities like running/walking, swimming, cycling, weightlifting and sleep tracking mode. To switch between various activity mode and Sleep mode, you just need to press the button to switch from one type to another. There is an alarm clock and sedimentary reminder feature provided as well through the app.

Running/ Walking

It tracks the amount of steps you have taken, calories burnt, distance covered and percentage of daily goal achieved. To check all these data, you just need to press the button and it will show data of one category for each key press. The accuracy of distance covered and number of steps taken is really very accurate.


This mode provides the information for the total pedal counts, pedal counts per minute and the calories. The first two data are pretty accurate but the calorie burnt is usually wrong. It always showed 5-6 times lower value of calorie burnt than my cycling machine.

For tracking of cycling data, you will have to use extra band provided to increase the length of the band and then strap the device around your ankle.

Nuband Evolve Multi-Sport Fitness Tracker : Hands-on Review and Features


Weightlifting mode shows the lifting count or reps, calorie burnt, 5 levels of Explosive force and exercise intensity for biceps curls. The last two data are not shown in the NuBand Evolve app. Just like the Cycling mode, Weightlifting also provides wrong information regarding the calories burnt and way lower than what it should be actually.


Thanks to IP68 waterproofing of NuBand Evolve, you can use it for the tracking of your swimming activity too. It let you check swimming time, calories burnt in the process, percentage of daily goal achieved and six levels of exercise intensity.

Sleep Tracking

There is sleep tracker included that monitor your sleeping activity like how good you are sleeping and for how long. And if the tracker detects that you are doing some movement for 15 minutes while in Sleep mode then, it automatically switches to Running/Walking mode intelligently.

Smart Alarm

It is a basic alarm clock to alert you by a vibration. You can set the time, days on which you want the alarm to work and a snooze time too using the NuBand Evolve smartphone app. One drawback here is that you can set only one alarm clock at a time.


This option let you set reminder to get alert when you have not performed any physical activity for a selected period of time. You can set from 1 minute to an hour and if the tracker doesn’t count any steps taken in that duration, it will alert user with a vibration to move and do some physical activity.

But it seems that instead of tracking the amount of a user is inactive, it just reminds the user for each time frame. So if you set the reminder for an hour then, you will keep getting the reminder after every hour even if you were active in last ten minutes.

Smartphone App

To use most of the features of the NuBand Evolve, you will have to use its dedicated smartphone app available for Android and iOS devices running on Android 4.3+ and iOS 7.0+. So if you are a Windows Phone or BlackBerry user then, you will not be able to enjoy all features of NuBand Activ+ fitness tracker.

To sync the data, you just need to switch on Bluetooth on your phone and press the synchronization key in the app and power key once on the tracker. There are three tabs on Nuband Activ+ smartphone app. Activity tab shows the exact same data that you see on the screen of the device. You can even share your activity data on Facebook and Twitter from the app itself.

Nuband Evolve Multi-Sport Fitness Tracker : Hands-on Review and Features

The second tab is History where you can see the data history of your sleeping and multi-sport activities. You can see the data for a particular date, week, month and even for an year. You can see the data relevant data for a particular activity by tapping on Mode option and then selecting the type of activity of which you want to see the data.

The third tab is Settings where you will find most of the options. You can set your height, weight and age in My Profile section to get the accurate data of your physical activity along with language and clock type selection. In Workout Goal, you can set the number of steps you want to take everyday, reps for weightlifting along with dumb bell weight, swim time and RPM.

Nuband Evolve Multi-Sport Fitness Tracker : Hands-on Review and Features

One issue here defining the dumb bell weight as usually people train with different amount of weights for different kind of exercise and frequently change it in each set. So it is pretty obvious that the calorie burnt information for weightlifting will be not so accurate.


This is the best thing about NuBand Evolve. The battery performance is brilliant. NuBand claims that the battery lasts from 5 to 7 days but in my case, it survived usually up to ten days. So once fully charged, you can easily use it for a week without worrying about charging it again.


NuBand Evolve is a multi-sport tracker that provides most of the things it promises but not all of them. It comes with multiple kind of activity tracking, having a nice design and great battery life. But data about calories burnt in some activities are not accurate and there is no feature of replaceable bands.

So if you are interested in having a multi-sport tracker but can ignore small issues then NuBand Evolve is a good device. But if you want a basic tracker then, NuBand Activ+ is good option with all pedometer features with nice design and similar features to NuBand Evolve.