One of the biggest issue with any smartphone is the bloatware installed on them. Also people do not prefer some stock apps and prefer to use a third-party app with improved performance and more features. Due to this, people like to uninstall the pre-installed stock apps on their smartphone.

Android smartphone manufacturers provide this feature to uninstall few of the stock apps. If not, you can do that easily by rooting your Android device and make whatever changes you want on your phone.

Apple is having a very bad impression of forcing users to use their apps or at least filled their iPhones with bloatwares. But now Apple is also going to provide the option to delete few of the pre-installed stock apps on iPhone and iPads in the new iOS 10.

And to support this option, Apple will be providing all of its stock apps on App Store too. So the user will have the freedom to delete few of the pre-installed stock apps on their iOS devices and later install them again from App Store if they want. But keep in mind that you will not be able to delete all of the stock apps from your iPhone or iPad.

Currently confirmed stock apps that can be deleted from iPhone and iPad in iOS 10 are Calendar, Mail, Weather, Maps, Notes and iTunes Store. There can be more apps included in this list as the list of stock apps available in App Store is long. The stock apps on iPhone and iPad that can't be deleted still includes Camera, Clock, Wallet, App Store, Safari and News.

How to delete pre-installed stock apps on iPhone and iPad

The list of pre-installed stock Apps of iPhone and iPad available on the App Store are given below.

• Calculator

• iCloud Drive

• Reminders

• Calendar

• iTunes Store

• Stocks

• Compass

• Mail

• Maps

• Contacts

• Maps

• Videos

• FaceTime

• Music

• Voice Memos

• Find My Friends

• News

• Watch App

• Home

• Notes

• Weather

• iBooks

• Podcasts

The good thing about this new feature is that Apple will be able to update individual apps, just like Google, instead of updating the whole OS together and provide a bulky update to users.