There are so many different phones and models being released in the smart phone market that it can be a little frustrating when your nearly-new android phone starts to lag behind, and the system starts to feel a bit slow and ponderous compared with the latest versions. Smart phones are expensive, so you don’t want to sink all of that cash into a device that’ll be out of date within months.

Yes – there are lots of techy, geeky reasons why you’ll want to root your android phone (access to the entire file system with full admin rights, customisation of your own boot image, creation of a full backup of your phone, installation of a full-blown Linux distro… to name a few) but here we’ll concentrate on the every-day, every-man reasons. Because not everyone knows what a Linux Distro is.

Do bear in mind though, as with anything like this - there are risks. Some of the risks of rooting include voiding your warranty and even bricking of the phone (or tablet). But fear not – the success rate is high and the results are definitely worth it. Still need convincing? Here are some great reasons why you should get rooting.

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Benefits of Rooting the Android Phone and Tablet

Total Back-up and System Recovery

If you use your phone a lot for storing music, images, videos, etc – this little perk of rooting your android phone, will mean a lot and will definitely be one of your priorities. It’ll completely put your mind at ease knowing your entire system (and the files stored on it) are safe and accessible even if something goes wrong.

The Ability to Screenshot

Weirdly, Android weren’t able to screenshot until Android 4 (ICS) though Samsung always provided this feature in most of their Android phones. If you root your Android you’ll be able to do just this – without waiting for an upgrade up to a completely new phone.

You never know when screen shots will come in handy – booking tickets, keeping reference numbers, referring to emails… it’s such an important upgrade and one which will definitely change your day-to-day use of the phone. Some great apps to team this with are Screenshot ER or PicMe.

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Better Battery Life and Performance Efficiency

When you root your Android ROM, you also give clever apps (with specific reference here to battery-saving apps and efficiency apps) access to your personal Androids CPU as well as other advanced functions within the phone. Once you’ve finished rooting the phone you’ll notice that these smart apps can finally do their thing without interference – which means your entire system and performance will speed up.

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Get Rid of Bloatware

Bloatware is what we call all the unnecessary apps which take up unnecessary space and memory on your phone. They usually come pre-installed and on many of the Android models they’re unable to be removed too. By removing these apps you can start choosing your own apps and arranging your phone the way you want – not the way the manufacturer wants. You can choose alternative apps to replace the ones you’ve got rid of too – meaning your device is exactly how you want it.

Root-Only Apps

There are lots of apps out there that are only available to Android devices which have been rooted. By rooting your device you’ll have access to these apps and you’ll be able to take full advantage of them. Some of these apps include; Droidwall, Dual Mount SD Widget, Hexamob Recovery Pro, LEDs Hack, Root Call Blocker and Samba File Sharing. All of these apps are extremely efficient and useful – so it’s worth rooting the phone for this access alone!