Entrepreneurs are always in need of tools to help them manage their busy schedules, track their expenses and monitor their social networks. New tools are available to help out with these tasks and make the life of a successful entrepreneur more manageable.

Top 10 Digital Business Tools for Entrepreneurs in 2012


Expensify helps entrepreneurs manage their complex financial accounts. From managing bank accounts to managing credit card transactions, the Expensify app brings all of your accounts together into one easy to manage place. The app also allows you to instantly scan and organize your receipts from your mobile device.

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If real estate and rental properties are a major part of your business, the Highrise app can help you organize your business. Highrise allows you to organize notes and email conversations from your contact list, track the status of proposals and deals and share the statuses with your team. Highrise also integrates with email and text so you can get notifications for follow ups with your clients and customers.


HootSuite is a great application that allows you to bring all of your social networks together into a single interface. HootSuite is great for businesses that need to manage their brand through social media. It includes features that allow you to schedule the release of messages and track brand mentions. There is also a reporting tool that allows you to analyze your traffic and mentions across social networks.

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Square is an extremely useful application for small businesses that need to accept credit card payments from anywhere. With the Square app, you can use your smart phone or tablet device to accept credit card payments through the Square website. The percentage fee is reasonable and there is no background check, so this is a great way for small businesses to expand their payment capabilities with little overhead.

Rock the Post

With the success of Kickstarter campaigns, crowdfunding has gained a lot of popularity over the past year. Rock The Post is a crowdsourcing site that is designed specifically for entrepreneurs. It is free to use and was rated the third best tool for entrepreneurs by Forbes magazine.

Legal Zoom

Legal Zoom is an online resource for small businesses to find and print out legal documents. This could save small businesses hundreds or even thousands of dollars in legal fees since they can find the documents without the need of a lawyer.


Weebly> is a great app that will allow entrepreneurs to make websites quickly and easily with drag and drop functionality. This is great for those managing several projects at once and need to have the ability to create websites quickly and painlessly.


Asana is a project management tool that allows you to connect and organize your team from any device. The idea is to keep everyone in your project team connected via social media. Since everyone is connected in real time with constant statuses and updates flowing through the social net, time spent creating weekly status reports and redundant meetings is saved for more important tasks.

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MailChimp is an app that is built for managing large distribution lists through email. It provides list management tools and mass distribution features that ease the management of any large newsletter. The app is also free to use for up to 2,000 contacts.


DocStoc is an online resource for managing and uploading documents. As an online document repository, it allows you to save documents online and distribute them as needed to clients and customers. Users can also share or sell their documents with other DocStoc users, providing users easy access to professionals such as lawyers and accountants for legal and financial documentation.