Some of the best apps for managing finances are listed below along with their pros and cons:

Top 5 Useful Finance Apps for Android Smartphones

Pageonce – Money and Bills

Pageonce is one of the most popular Android apps available for managing finances. The most distinguished feature of the app is its ability to integrate with all of your online bank accounts, as well as your credit cards and online bills. The app has a very user-friendly interface, in fact, you don't even need any technical knowledge for syncing your personal accounts.

The full version of the app lets you add manual accounts as well in case you don't have the information available online, for instance, rental bills etc. Once you set up your account and feed all the required information in, there isn’t much that you need to do yourself.

Pros :

  • It lets you track, control and automatically pay all your bills

  • It allows you to view your bill statements whenever you want, which is very handy

  • You can get real time notifications for all your accounts

  • It lets you track mobile data usage and minutes

Cons :

  • It lacks some major creative features of finance management, which a number of other similar applications have

  • The more accounts you sync, the slower and more unreliable it will get

  • Some users show their concerns over the app’s security

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MoneyWise is available as a free trial app for devices on Android. It is also available with full features, however you must pay to get that version. The trial version doesn't let you add more than 2 accounts while the paid version lets you add unlimited accounts. Life Hacker has rated the app as the best finance management app for Android in 2012.

Pros :

  • The app has a lovely interface, which is pleasing to the eye and is helpful in sorting out graphs and reports

  • The method of adding manual transactions is very simple

  • Perfect for people with two or less bank accounts

Cons :

  • The free version only lets you use 2 bank accounts

  • The free version is equipped with a lot of visual advertisements

  • It doesn't allow b2b transfers

Expense Manager

There are two main characteristics of Expense Manager, which make it different from the rest of finance management tools : it is available for free and it doesn't involve syncing online accounts. It's a rather simple application but does still offer a number of features.

Pros :

  • It lets you add individual details such as name and description of the item you have spent on, category, title, place, date, price and time

  • It allows you view and search your expenses according to alphabetical order, date, price and category

  • It allows you to use whichever currency you want, for instance, Pound, US Dollar, Indian Rupee and more

Cons :

  • The “Budget” feature of the app lacks “one time” option

  • You absolutely have to use the income/expense transaction, and cannot override account balance in anyway certainly does not need introduction to those who are in a habit of managing their finances using Web resources. If you are not familiar with the website, you certainly need to visit it immediately. The website’s powerful Android app lets you access most of the features available on the website, including ability to sync with bank accounts. The app also has a budgeting feature which lets you skillfully allocate budget for specific items to be purchased.

Pros :

  • It lets you view and connect to all your accounts including savings, checking, retirement and investment

  • It automatically categorizes all the transactions carried out by your bank accounts

  • It shows pictorial presentations in the form of graphs to show where the money is being spent, so you get a good picture of your expenditure

Cons :

  • The app doesn't provide full access to all features of the website

  • Users have shown concern over the app’s security system

  • The recurring payment function is missing in the application

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Droid Wallet

Droid Wallet is perhaps the most basic money management app you could possibly think of. However, it is absolutely perfect for those who want fundamental functions and are allergic to complex interfaces. It doesn't have any option for accounts at all let alone the option to sync your online accounts.

Pros :

  • Droid Wallet offers a nice and simple interface

  • It offers interesting customization options

  • Perfect for users who simply want to keep a track of incoming and outgoing money

Cons :

  • You cannot use any account information

  • It offers limited functionality which basically picks it out of the category of “All in one apps”