If you the owner of an Android smartphone then, these are the must have Android apps for you. These Android apps will surely help you in utilizing your phone perfectly. So, have a look at them.

Top 11 Must-Have Android Apps

Barcode Scanner

Top Essential and Must Have Android Apps - Barcode Scanner
Not the most glamorous app to start with, perhaps, but one you'll find absolutely indispensable. Point your phone's camera at any kind of barcode and let this app do the rest. There are a few barcode apps on the Market in various flavors, but this one is fast, lightweight and very easy to use. Look for Barcode Scanner by ZXing Team on the Android Market.

Astro File Manager

If you plan on using your phone for anything other than making calls, chances are you're going to end up with a lot of files and folders rattling around on the SD card. A good file manager is essential for navigating around this stuff and Astro is one of the best you'll find. As well as regular file maintenance (copy, paste, move, delete, etc), you can make zip files, back up, uninstall and reinstall apps, kill problem apps and processes, and set up an FTP connection over a Windows network. The free version has unobtrusive ads, absent in the $3.99 Pro version.


This friendly task list works wonderfully as a self-contained to-do manager. It lets you set priorities and assign tags, durations and notes to a task, and other standard to-do operations. Where it really shines, though, is that it syncs both ways with your cloud-based task list at rememberthemilk.com. Once you've set your tasks, Astrid tenaciously but jovially prompts you to deal with them at the appropriate time, offering encouragement with lines like "Do it, and you'll feel better' Thanks, I feel better already.

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Google Goggles

An ingenious app that lets you search the web by taking pictures. Simply point your camera at something and Goggles will attempt to tell you what it is. When out and about, it will use your phone's GPS location and internal compass to provide links to local businesses and points of interest, which pass along the bottom of the screen as you turn to face them. Pointing the camera at a CD or book cover will take you to that item in a Google search. You can also use it to scan and convert pages into editable text, or point it at some text in a foreign language for an instant translation.


Evernote looks like a humble note-taking service, but beneath its surface lies a powerful web-based capture tool. Register for a free account at evernote.com and the app will let you send text and audio notes to yourself, upload photos, scanned text and other files, tag them and access them from anywhere via your web browser. Any writing in images you upload gets transcribed into searchable text. It's a neat way to keep all your ideas, reminders and notes in one place. It integrates with free desktop apps for PC and Mac and there's also a paid account option offering more storage space.

Evernote integrates nicely with your phone's share functions. Hit Share or Send from your camera and most other apps and you'll find the option to send the file you're working with to Evernote without even having to start up the app.

gUnit Converter

An all-in-one converter for just about anything you could ever need to convert, plus a whole load of other stuff you'll probably never need to convert (unless you're an astrophysicist or thermodynamics engineer, in which case you can probably do all that stuff in your head) but is kind of cool to have access to anyway. You know, just in case. It also includes a live currency converter. . Looking for a dedicated live currency converter? Try Currency Converter or Exchange Rates, both free from the Android Market.

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Top Essential and Must Have Android Apps - GDocs

One thing that may be missing from your phone when you first get it is a simple notepad. There are plenty available for free on the Market, but where GDocs stands out is that it allows you to sync notes with your Google Docs- account. You can use it to view, search and edit existing documents, too, though it's not a fully fledged word processing app.

If integration with Google Docs isn't important to you, take a look at AK Notepad, which lets you create basic notes, label them, pin them to your home screen, share them and set reminders. Note Everything is also worth a look.


Hey, what's that song they're playing on the radio? Want to know what you're listening to? Point your phone's microphone in the direction of the music and Shazam will listen to it for a few seconds and get back to you with the answer. It'll also link to the song on the Amazon store and YouTube videos provide discographies, grab tour dates and more.

The free version allows you five searches a month, while the £2.99 version gives you unlimited searches and a few extra features. A similar deal is offered by the SoundHound app. Give both a test spin and see which works best for you.


Competition is fierce at the top when it comes to Twitter apps, but Touiteur has more than one advantage over the others. It’s easy on the eye, fully customizable and the premium version (a snip at €1.99) has some great widgets. Touiteur has too many well-thought-out features to list here, but where it really stands out is its use of threaded conversations, making it easier to figure out what someone's tweet was in response to. Tweeting is quick and simple with a decent widget in the free version, and a drop-down bar you can access from anywhere within the app to start typing.

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Top Essential and Must Have Android Apps - WaveSecure

WaveSecure is an all-in-one mobile security application. For the cost of a $19.99 yearly subscription you get the ability to completely lock down, trace the location of, and even remotely wipe your phone and its SD card if lost or stolen.

A designated "buddy" from your contacts lists can be chosen to receive notification if your phone is compromised. Their contact number will then show on the locked screen of your phone, so that anyone who finds it can get in touch with them.

WaveSecure can send automated backups to their remote servers, so that in the event that you do have to wipe your phone, your data can be restored later on, if the phone is recovered.


Tasker is a powerhouse of an app that can automate functions on your phone, based on criteria like your location, the time of day, the phone's orientation, and so on. Once you figure out how to program it, you'll be able to set your phone to open your media player automatically when you plug in your headphones, switch your home screen to a different scene when you arrive at your office, go into silent mode between certain times of the day, and carry out just about any combination of other actions your phone can perform. It's available for £3.99 from the Market.