Although the need for a smartphone may not make sense to many people still today, there are hundreds of thousands of individuals who's lives have been made much easier due to these smarter phones. And as smartphones become more and more popular, due to the fact that they are becoming more and more affordable, there has been a major increase in the apps available for such phones.

These apps, of which there are more than 500,000 for the iPhone alone, make many everyday activities much easier to deal with. For those individuals who conduct all or some of their work at home and the rest on the go, there are certain iPhone apps that are essentially indispensable. And those individuals that are working from home as well as commuting to an office, are often the individuals who invest in iPhones. For this reason, Google got smart and began to offer one of their most used programs in the form of a mobile application. The Google Docs app is allowing iPhone users to do things with their files that were not even thought of only a few short years ago.

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iPhone Google Docs App

It was only a couple of decades ago that an individual who wanted to transfer a file from one computer to another had to do so with a floppy disk. After that users could store information on a compact disc and take it with them, which was a little better, and following that was the flash drive, which was even simpler. But the iPhone Google Docs app is definitely the best option for transferring files yet, if transferring is what you want to call it because it is actually even simpler than that. In order to fully utilize the Google Docs app for the iPhone, though, it is important to know what the best features of the app are.

Access to Documents in More Than One Place

What makes the iPhone Google Docs app really great is the fact that you can access the same documents on your iPhone as you can on your computer or iPad from home. There is no having to save documents to a disc or SD card, or even having to send the documents to your iPhone. You simply access your Google Docs account from your iPhone and start right where you left off in working on your documents. In addition, anyone else who shares a document with you can also have the same privilege and access the docs from their iPhone as well, as long as they have the Google Docs app too.

The Ability to Work on Documents on the Go

Obviously, the other major benefit of having the iPhone Google Docs app is that you can work on your documents while you are on the go as well. I'm sure you can hardly count the times when you have been in the middle of something and had to leave, aborting your work in the process. Fortunately, you do not have to choose between your priorities now , as you can be on the go and take your work with you, as long as you have the Google Docs app. If you work the type of job where you find yourself constantly needing access to certain documents then you definitely need the Google Docs app for the iPhone. You won't realize how simple your life can be until you do.