One of the best things about getting an iPhone is that you quickly find out that it does more than make and take phone calls. Apps of all kinds are available to accomplish more tasks than you ever imagined.

Once you grab those apps that are the best of the best and that work well within your own life, you'll have transformed your iPhone into a personal assistant.

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35+ iPhone Apps to Turn Your Handset Into Your Personal Assistant

35+ iPhone Apps to Turn Your Handset Into Your Personal Assistant

Scheduling and Task Management

You're looking for apps that will work with the iPhone Calendar and other basic functions of the iPhone to keep your work schedules, appointments, vacations and deadlines easily viewable and instantly understandable. The apps to try here are:

o My Schedule : use color to organize your special dates and times and to set up alerts

o Toodleoo : a to-do list and task manager

o Stick It : add sticky notes

o Little Black Book : lock up your personal contacts

o Note2Self Audio Recorder : store notes in your own voice

o Goal Tracker : list your goals, short-term and long-term, and plan your way toward achieving them

Traveling iPhone apps

Here's another set of apps perfect for travelers:

o FlightTrack Pro : keep track of your airplane flights and organize your entire itinerary

o Currency : convert any currency amount

o Translator : type in English text and get the equivalent text in another language

o GPS Eat-Shop-Travel : get locations of pharmacies, coffee shops, stores and many more places wherever you may be

o Local Radio Finder : see what local radio has to offer

o Urbanspoon : descriptions of city restaurants by cuisine, prices and other criteria

o Gas Log : keep track of your gas mileage and expenses

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Social Networking

Even if you're not traveling, you'll need to keep track of your social life:

o Loopt : find out where you can meet up with friends

o Whrrl : search locally for things to do

o Social Butterfly : link up to Twitter and other social networking web sites


Everyone needs to shop. Here's some apps to make the task easier:

o Shopping List : accumulate a continuous shopping list on your iPhone

o Pantry : keep a running inventory of the basic foods you've got at home

o Consumer Reports : find unbiased reviews on products

o mobiQpons : collect and use shopping coupons

o RedLaser : scan bar-codes in the store to find prices everywhere else

o Frugal : compare grocery store prices

o Top Customer Support : have the phone numbers for credit cards, stores and any other support services


After all that traveling and shopping, you'll need some financial help:

o : track your budget

o Tip Ref Chart : figure out tip amounts quickly and accurately

o Stock Watch : connect to reports on stocks and the markets

o ATM Hunter : locate ATMs in the neighborhood you're in

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Basic reference sources are always a good thing to have:

o : access to the website

o Survival Pocket Reference : build a fire, create a shelter

o 6500+ Cool Facts : trivia to settle those friendly arguments

o Apartments : look up real estate locally or in other cities


Then there's those apps that are just plain useful:

o Flashlight : light up the dark

o Speller : spell-check everything you write on your iPhone

o Bubble Wrap : relieve stress by popping those virtual plastic bubbles

o Dog Whistler : use your iPhone to call your dog

o Fake A Cal l: create a fake phone call to get you out of a meeting that's going on way too long

Pick those apps that fit your personality and that work well for you. It'll be like you've got your own personal assistant to help you through the day.