If you are a news junkie and like to read various types of news on your iPad then, here is a list of the best news feed apps for iPad. You can read news various different sections like fashion, politics, entertainment etc sing these iPad apps.

Top 12 Newsstand Apps for iPad 2

1. NYTimes for iPad

If you are a fan of The New York Times, the American daily newspaper, here’s the good news for you. NYTimes app for iPad is available now for download in iTunes. Of course the application is free to download. The Top News section too is available for free, while the remaining 25 Time sections can be accessed once you become a subscriber of Times Digital Subscription.

You can get to experience high quality video and slide shows present inside the articles and also in the Photos and Videos sections. You can share photos, videos and articles through Twitter, Facebook and e-mail. You can read articles both online and offline.

2. Vanity Fair iPad Edition

Vanity Fair, the popular fashion, pop culture magazine has redesigned its app for iPad to offer you a new way to access the magazine in digital format. You can view great photos, interviews and much more the same as the printed magazine. The interactive galleries, videos and graphics help you to sense much ease while you read the magazine in the digital format.

You can subscribe and avail the magazine on your iPad. If you are a print subscriber, here’s the good news for you. You can avail the application for free of cost. All you have to do is download the app and enter your print subscription details.


ELLE, the most popular French magazine that concentrates on women’s beauty, fashion, entertainment and health is now available on iPad. You can get to view your favorite sections of this popular French magazine on your iPad. This digital edition is sure to influence you in various forms. For example, the ELLE Personal Stylist aspect allows you to upload your own image and try the looks from the issue directly.

You can also become the editor through the ELLE Inspiration Board wherein you can create a collage by pulling in your desired pieces. You are offered a free version of this app, if you are already a subscriber of the magazine in printed form.

4. GQ

GQ – Gentlemen’s Quarterly is now available for download in iPad. This popular men’s magazine consists of various sections such as food, fashion, style, sports, fitness, travel, technology, music and movies. All these sections are made available in the app too. So, all you need to do is download this app and read your favorite column every so often, no matter where you are.

Once you subscribe to this particular app, you will be offered with the latest magazine issue along with exclusive videos and photos which you will never find in the printed form. If you are already a print subscriber, you can download the app for free and then go to the “Current Magazine Subscribers” option and activate it instantly.

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5. SPIN Play

This is an application launched by the publishers of SPIN.com and SPIN magazine which can be used to gather a wide range of information about music discovery and the music world in general. Starting from feeds to reviews, the user would be able to access almost every data including songs and videos downloadable for only two dollars per issue.

Especially designed for mobile technologies like the iPad and Android, this takes SPIN to a platform across Medias. On an iPad it can act as a music discovery tool along with allowing the viewing and hearing of videos and music. Sharing through Twitter or Facebook is an additional advantage of this application.

6. Popular Science+

A brand new version of the Popular Science magazine, the only difference lies in the fact that it is usable only on iPads. This has everything that the magazine version boasts of along with features that are specific only to the iPads. Available now are the invisible warriors, deeper penetrations, border world applications and many more. The invisible warriors would tell of breakthroughs that will make invisibility of warriors, planes etc possible while the deeper penetrations talk of mines being pushed as farther down as the can; the trick is to see how far they can be pushed. Overall, it’s exciting and motile.

7. Condé Nast Traveler

Already a user of the print version, then this application comes free with your print version subscription pack. It is basically the new digital store for everything that you can find on Conde Nast Traveler. In the case of new subscriptions, an amount of five dollars need to be paid for a single issue subscription which will be automatically renewed for the next month until the subscription is cancelled.

All purchases made from the traveler would be charged to iTunes and can only be made with confirmation from the same account. So, everything about food hotels and travel destinations is now accessible through the iPad at the click of a button.

8. O The Oprah Magazine

Earlier available in print, O is now available in an application format so that it can be carried around in an iPad. Everyone knows about Oprah and the huge difference that her show has made in millions of lives. So now, there is the application version to be carried around in the phone so that Oprah is accessible even when on move.

This application will further allow the purchase of beauty products, fashion accessories as well as custom made Oprah accessories. Favorites can be marked very easily and accessed at the press of one button using this application and just by tapping on the cover of the issue Oprah becomes available.

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9. Martha Stewart Living Magazine for iPad

The Living Magazine for iPad has been revealed and was found amazing. The new issue can be downloaded which is not available in print form or anywhere else. The Living Magazine is created and designed especially for the iPad which has astonishing animations.

The magazine also includes original, inspiring and informative articles. The features of the latest issue are – celebrations with Fizzy drinks and floating decorations which includes sweet and savory treats, Hunt and peck of 10 vintage treasures and a tour of Martha’s peony garden and many more. The story “Project Decorate” is really wonderful. To know more about the magazine one must download the latest issue.

10. Men’s Health Mag

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This is a magazine related to men’s health and fitness. It is not only a magazine but also all in one solution for all problems like – Belly fat, Exercise excuses, his boredom, fast-food menus etc. The magazine covers all the tools and strategies to handle various issues. The magazine can be bought and downloaded from the iTunes menu. The iTunes app allows users to download latest issues also.

 To get the full advantage of the latest issues, one must make sure to update their iPads to iOS 5. The application does not support iPhone OS. The latest issue of the magazine has topics like – Occupy your wallet, Marisa Miller, Losing weight easily and other useful stuff.

11. The New Yorker Magazine

The magazine is available on the iPads every Monday. The complete issue of the magazine includes – stories and cartoons in print edition. The magazine can be subscribed and even be bought in single issues. The subscribers can even access the web archive to find every issue since 1925 by logging into the archives menu. The current application users can install the latest version of New Yorker app on their iPads.

The app has an automatic renewal feature which renews the subscription automatically before the end of the current period. To download the new applications automatically, the user can manage his account settings by switching ‘on’ the automatic downloads.

12. San Francisco Chronicle for iPad

The San Francisco Chronicle requires iOS 4.2 or later to download. The Chronicle includes – smart news, award winning photos and Bay area news coverage. The Chronicle is totally redesigned for iPadThe San Francisco Chronicle for iPad has several features like – 1) ‘Live Edition’, which offers local and global news updates. 2) A Carousel Navigation, which is a new way to discover the Chronicle. 3) Incredible Photo Panoramas and 4) Latest Weather and Traffic Updates and many more. The user can download the app free of cost for 14 days. This app offers seven days of award winning journalism in your hand.