In the world of business, professionals are constantly searching for new ideas and strategies for increasing productivity. Although solutions will differ depending on the person, one universal way to save time and money is to utilize new technology. In particular, the growing processing power in cell phones are allowing people to accomplish complex tasks on the go. Combined with the cost effectiveness of the internet, and mobile apps are fast becoming a great way to enhance personal efficiency. The following is a list of the top 5 apps for increasing your productivity:

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Top 5 iPhone Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity

Top 5 iPhone Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity

1. Omnifocus

Ported from the popular desktop software, OmniFocus is an excellent Getting Things Done task management application. It is designed to quickly store and manage thoughts into actionable goals. Furthermore, the mobile app version is distinct in that it allows users to form location based tasks tied to the iPhone's GPS navigation system. The iPhone version will also sync with OmniFocus on the Mac to provide seamless transfer of your task management lists in and out of the office.

2. eMeetMe

Many of us waste time trying to coordinate a meeting around increasingly busy schedules. The situation can become more entangled when dealing with large groups. The mobile app eMeetMe solves this issue by sorting through your calendar and highlighting several time slots that are open for you. After selecting a number of suitable slots, those times are forwarded to all other parties, who can then choose times that are appropriate for them. The app then sends the responses back via email.

3. Evernote

One of the most dramatic changes in society is how technology allows us to focus our brains away from memory tasks and toward more creative and productive objectives. However, this can be a bit paradoxical when we ask ourselves to memorize a great idea. Evernote is a mobile app that solves this problem by allowing users to store notes and retrieve them at a later time. Contrary to the name, Evernote can store more than just words. Pictures and videos can also be filed away and synched with your computer.

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4. Jott

Jott offers an alternative to typing out messages for people who do not have the time or teenage dexterity to deal with text. A riff on the old tape recorder, Jott updates voice recording app for modern smartphones. However, this mobile app does more than simply record your notes, but can translate them into text which can be stored for later use or posted on various social networking sites. For professionals who rely on Twitter, Facebook, and blogging sites as a mode of communication, Jott provides a quick and easy method for dispensing information while on the move.

5. Tripit

Many people travel abroad both on business and for pleasure. Regardless of the intent, finding all the information regarding your transportation can be a harrowing ordeal. As a result, many people compensate by arriving hours before the recommended check-in time. Tripit is a travel mobile app that will store all your flight or train information in one place. Moreover, it will keep you abreast of any changes to your schedule or delays that might occur. It will even monitor the weather forecast for your destination. By conflating all the relevant information in one location, Tripit can alleviate much of the stress associated with travel.