Gone are the days when people used to get the help of the maps and tour guide books while traveling. With the rise of smartphone and apps, people are using their mobile phones and tablets a lot for various purpose while traveling.

Since I travel a lot and use smartphone apps excessively, I am going to share the few of the best travel apps for Windows Phones. I have already posted about the best travel apps for Android and iPhone, iPad earlier. All of the below apps are available in the Windows Phone Store. But instead of searching each of them there manually, you can download them all from my Nokia App Social list of Best Travel Apps for Windows Phone by visiting the link given at the end of the post.

Travel Apps for Windows Phones

Bing Travel

Travel Apps for Windows Phones
Developed by Microsoft, Bing Travel is Windows Phone app which provides you useful destination guides, user travel photos, expert reviews, daily trip ideas, hotel listings and much more right on your smartphone. You can also check airport arrivals and departure status. It also let you pin a flight on the Start screen of your Windows Phone device for tracking it easily. It is an all-in-one app for travelers.


When it come to travel search, nothing can beat the Kayak. It is one of the most popular travel website and helps you on finding the cheapest flights.


It is one of the most popular travel app for everything related to traveling. You can check the available seat and book the tickets for your choice of transportation. You can also browse a huge list of hotels and book the one according to your need.


Travel Apps for Windows Phones
It is voted as the best augmented reality browser. You can use this cool app on your smartphone to get all the information of your surrounding. All you need to do is to point your smartphone camera to an object. building or landmark and Wikitude will provide you event details, tweets, Wikipedia articles, ATMs, restaurants, user reviews and much more around you. A very helpful app and a great way to know about things around you when you traveling to new places.

Bing Translator

If you are having less or no knowledge of the native language of a country where you are traveling then, Bing Translator can come to your rescue. This nice app let you enter the text via voice or keyboard and then shows the translation. It also supports OCR technology, so you can use your smartphone camera to translate signs, menus, newspapers, or any kind of printed text in an instant.


Travel Apps for Windows Phones
There are lots of cool camera apps available on every app store but this one is special cause it let you take 3D or 360 degree images. It is maybe an old feature for the Google Nexus users but for Windows Phone users this app can help in taking beautiful pictures while traveling. You can take 360 degree images horizontally and vertically, both.

Hotels 4D

The name of this Windows Phone travel app is weird but this is one of the best app to find and book the hotels. It is having the largest databse of hotels covering more than 770,000 hotels worldwide. You can filter the hotels by price, star rating, customer reviews, location etc. to find the most suitable hotel for your stay.


One of the best thing about technology is that we can get information about anything in minutes. People love to share their experience and Minube is an app dedicated for the experiences related to travel. Minube covers more than 24,000 destinations in 200+ countries. There are more than 100,000 mini-guides available on this app shared by travelers


Travel Apps for Windows Phones
If you travel frequently by flights then, this is a must have travel app for you. GateGuru is having a huge database of airports which covers over 180 airports across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. You can get all the information about an airport like airport security wait times, airport maps, access to real-time ratings, reviews, tips and photos on airports, terminals and amenities.

Kayak and TripIt accounts are well integrated in this app to provide you all the information in one app itself.


Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation app in the world. Unfortunately, it is now available for Windows Phones. Nokia HERE Maps is a great alternative available for the Nokia Lumia phones. For the rest of the Windows Phones, gMaps is an excellent and full featured Google Maps client for Windows Phones which supports all the features of Google Maps plus Live tiles, Compass, Night Mode, Ultimate Street View and much more.

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Which all are your favorite travel apps for Windows Phone? If you are a Nokia App Social user then, feel free to share your list of favorite travel apps.